Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Faction Exalted, or "You Better Represent"

Along with the pets and mounts coming in the Argent Tournament, you get titles dependent on which faction cities you're exalted with. Of course, you need to participate in the tournament too, but exalted is something you can work on now.

of Orgrimmar/Undercity/Silvermoon/Thunder Bluff/Sen'jin*
of Darnassus/Gnomeregan/Ironforge/Exodar/Stormwind

*Sen'jin is Darkspear Trolls and is the name of the troll starting village in Durotar.

First: Quests

Do all the quests for that faction. Yes, all of them. You can see who has low level quests by clicking the tracker button on your minimap.

Go to the appropriate faction page on Wowhead (alliance/horde) and sort quests by ascending. You'll have to scroll past the holiday quests to get to the normal ones, but then you do them all in order of level.

Second: Cloth

The availability of these depend on your level.

Wool x60, Silk x60, Mageweave x60, Runecloth x60.

Repeat Runecloth turn in for 75 rep/stack.

If you don't want to do this rep grind or have already done it:

Farm Runecloth and sell it. You will make THOUSANDS, particularly right after the tournament event begins, when people are desperate to get their rep up.

If you refuse to take advantage of this opportunity, you don't get to complain about never having money. You just don't.

[edit] More details about the tournament. It will be a permanent event and part of it will come out later than 3.1. Not sure about what "permanent event" means, as Zarhym was pretty vague:
It's going to be a permanent event. You will be working to construct the coliseum, though the coliseum itself will officially be added in a future content patch.

You'll see more competitions and festivities coming down the road as well.


  1. Waiwhut.

    So, if I have all 5 cities at exalted, I get more titles?

    And people are now going to actually *want* to farm Capital City rep?

    Whelp! Time to farm Dire Maul.

  2. Yeh it's kind of like the argent champion title. You need exalted with the Argent Crusade and the Argent Dawn for that.

    For this you'll be needing to be exalted with a particular city aswell as 'earn the right to represent' said city in the Argent Tournement to gain the new titles.

    Exalted Champion of Silvermoon

    Faction: Horde
    Description: Earn exalted status with and the right to represent Silvermoon City in the Argent Tournament.
    Points: 10
    Reward: Title Reward: of Silvermoon

  3. A friend of mine says he thinks this might be a new yearly world event, since it's listed with other World Event achievements and not Feats of Strength.

    I do hope it is yearly, but until I know more I'll be working on rep.

    One thing to note is that he assumed you can only get one title a year. So we'll see.


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