Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peddlefeet, or "It's Not Luck, It's an Act of WoW"

Unlike some people, I did not get a Peddlefeet pet this year, though I ground for hours and hours every day on three characters. (Okay, I slacked on Valentines Day, but come on. Husband brought home a pile of ribs slathered in barbecue sauce and suffered through a John Cusack marathon, all for little ol' me. Even kitty behaved himself!)

If I had less patience, this pet farming failure would be a huge letdown. As it is, Peddlefeet is hideous and I can try again next year. I just want him for the pet collector achievements, anyway.

I read a comment on Wowhead about how people assume that if you just keep farming, you'll definitely get it because your percentages go up the more you farm. A commenter said this philosophy is essentially flawed, that the percentages stay exactly the same at all times and farming does not increase them, nor does luck factor into the equation. Rather, the more you farm an item, the more chances you have that the small percentage will pay off in your favor.

A very matter-of-fact way to look at it.


  1. When one of my guildmates was frustrated trying to farm up the Baron mount we had a new way for him to look at it:

    You flip a perfect coin 9 times, each time it comes up heads....what are the odds it will come up tails on the 10th flip? 50% :)

  2. I tend to assume a 50 % droprate on most things since there are only 2 options, either it drops or ot doesn't ;P

  3. There are also different forms of luck in my opinion.

    I received the lovely black dress AND the perma-peddlefeet pet but not once during the whole event did I receive a bag of candies. I tried atleast 10 times each day and no bag of candies, therefore I did not complete the achievement and will have to wait at the very least to February next year to receive my Violet Drake.

  4. Might I also add that I wasn't event searching or trying for the pet and I got it, and I was weirdly extremely annoyed to receive it because it apparently has a very low drop rate and the bag of candies are a white common item that I simply could not get to drop.

    It's all a roll of the dice.

    I helped a friend farm the Baron's mount and it dropped after 12 runs, I spoke to a guildie he got it after 3, it's all luck and RNG (random number generation).


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