Thursday, February 12, 2009

Purple Swashbuckler Shirt, or "Nobody Levels in Dustwallow Marsh... Right?"

We can craft black, white, and red, but the ONLY way to get a Purple Swashbuckler's Shirt is through a short quest chain. It is a chest piece and not a shirt, so you can't put anything over it, but you can put a shirt under it.


In Dustwallow Marsh, find Mordant Grimsby in the house at Witch Hill.

Pick up [What's Haunting Witch Hill?].

Kill Riven Husks in the area and they'll give you information when they die. Gather 10.

Turn in, pick up [Witch's Bane]. Gather 9 of the plants.

Turn in, pick up [Cleansing Witch Hill]. Torch the dock, fight the demon, return to Grimsby.

When he offers you a choice, get the Mordant's Travel Tunic. It's cloth, so anyone can wear it.


If you already did that quest and are kicking yourself, I'm really sorry. That sucks. I did the quest on at least one character, but I don't remember who. >_>


  1. For the longest time my fishing outfit had that shirt as the piece I built around :) I had to get rid of it due to space concerns :(

    Del in her fishing outfit!

  2. This top was one of my favorite pieces. Apparently Deathwing didn't like that. Once the Cataclysm hit, it became generic blouse number 6549416.



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