Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stinker Love, or "Making Black Cats Everywhere Paranoid"

I read about the added change to the Stinker pet on, decided to give it a try, and taped it for you. :) Wootskies!

Now I wonder what they'll do for the little faun.

(Stinker's action only works with Bombay cat and Black Tabby cat, but as long as the owners remain near each other, the pets will repeat the action indefinitely.)


  1. I'm a movie star!! That is a really cute addition to the pets! x)

  2. D=

    Oh, so *sad*!

    But I love skunks.

    4 pets away..... *muttermutter*

  3. That is awesome! Pepé Le Pew ftw!

  4. Ty for helping me make that vid, Sean. :) You're a doll. And I still owe you, like, a huge cake for that PVP gear you made my druid.

  5. Just LOVED! I always been in love with Pepe Le Pew (Pepe Le Gamba in portuguese) and I just got Stinker. I NEED a guildmate with a black tabby to test. NEED.
    BTW, I´d love to post this video on my blog too. How do I do? Or is it a Blogger video that cannot be reposted on other blogs?

  6. I'm afraid it's a blogger video. I wish it had better lighting (instead of at night) but le sigh.

  7. lol . . . le sigh.

    What server are you on Ale? I have a troll on exodar with a black tabby.

  8. My main is a horde warlock at Warsong, Lindadmorrer (something like "beauty to die for"). I don´t recomend creating characters there, too crowded :( But my sister and my guild are there, I´ll go with them. I already sent a cat to my sis just to try the new Pepe behaviour sometime.


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