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Love is in the Air 2008, or "Unbreak My Heart, Plz"

February 10-15, 2008

Pledge Boxes: Friendship & Adoration

Get Cologne, Perfume, and Love Tokens from any innkeeper in the world. Apply perfume to attract male guards and cologne for females. Give a love token to a guard and get a gift. Adoration gifts only available once the debuff wears off (debuff continues to run down even while logged out, so you can log onto another character for an hour and then go back and pick up another Adoration box).

Friendship: Guard Card & Pledge of Loyalty only.

Adoration: Only available once an hour. Otherwise you get Friendship boxes.
  • Lovely Black Dress: Rare drop at 3%, does not bind so you can find them on the AH. They'll be expensive.
  • Romantic Picnic Basket: Also rare, BoP. Have a cute romantic picnic with another character (don't need to be in a group). Very charming, no real utility. To give to someone else, trade them the gift box with the basket still inside it.
  • Love Rocket: Awesome firework that blasts pink heart-shaped clouds into the sky.
  • Love Fool: Like target dummy, forces mobs to attack it instead of you.
  • Silver Shafted Arrows: Hit someone and they'll have a creepy cupid follow them around for a while.
  • Bag of Candies: Pull one out per minute. Pointless but cute little heart candies w/ inscriptions like "Hot lips." or "I'll follow you all around Azeroth."
  • Handful of Rose Petals: Toss on someone and they'll be followed by a cascade of rose petals.
  • Box of Chocolates: Buff food.
  • Unbestowed Friendship Bracelet: Unbreak someone's heart.

How to Get the Pretty Clothes
Quest Chain Unraveled

Start in Stormwind or Undercity.

Talk to any innkeeper and buy from their seasonal fare: 1 Cologne, 1 Perfume, 1 stack Love Tokens. (Perhaps an extra cologne or perfume, as you need 1 of each to turn in.)

A: Talk to Lietenant Jocryn Heldric in the middle of Trade District and accept his quest "Dearest Colara."
H: Talk to Deathguard Tor outside UC (60, 59) and accept "Dearest Elenia."

A: Turn in at Colara Dean by the mailbox.
H: Elenia Haydon by the bank.

A: Get Dangerous Love from Aristan Mottar.
H: From Fenstad Argyle.

Get guard cards by applying perfume (for male guards) or cologne (for female guards). Talk to a guard with a heart above his or her head and select the option "let me give you a love token." They will give you a "gift" which you can open which has a good chance of containing a guard's card.

Every now and then, your heart will "break" and you can no longer give out love tokens to receive gifts. You must either wait 1 hour for it to fade or have another player use a Ring of Friendship on you to cure your broken heart. Be generous with your rings, as others get broken hearts too.

Turn your guard card into the quest giver.

A: Take 1 Cologne and 1 Perfume to Morgan Pestle in Pestle's Apothecary in the Trade District.
H: Take 1 Cologne and 1 Perfume to Apothecary Zinge in The Apothecarium.

Return to quest givers.

A: Speak with Innkeeper Allison in the inn right behind the mailbox.
H: Speak with Innkeeper Norman on the ring around the bank.

A: Speak with Evert Sorisam in Finest Thread (in the canals beside Cathedral, across from Park).
H: Speak with tailor Mara Rennick in Mage Quarter.

Both factions now seek out Apothecary Staffron Lerent. He's in Alterac Mountains (89, 75). The run here is long and hard if you're below 20, but remember that you can get from Stormwind to Ironforge through the Deeprun Tram, which will get you a little closer.

In Hillsbrad Foothills, head to 75, 24 and take the path leading up the mountain to the north. Follow to Ravenholt Manor (where the head rogue is) and head up another mountain ramp to your right (past the sparring ring) that looks like it's going to drop off at the end. Don't go down the mountain, turn left and follow another path back into the mountains, where you'll find the guy.

Click on his cauldron to get your pretty prize. Alas, you can only choose one, but at least nobody likes the pantsuits. They look like pajamas.


Alliance Gift Collection

Combine 5 Guard Cards into a Stack of Cards.
Combine 5 Pledges of Loyalty into a Pledge Collection.
Combine 5 Handmade Woodcrafts into a Box of Woodcrafts.

Combine those 3 collections into a Gift Collection for that city.

Do this for each of the 3 major cities until you have: Darnassus Gift Collection, Stormwind Gift Collection, and Ironforge Gift Collection. (H: Orgrimmar, Undercity, & Thunder Bluff)

Combine all 3 Gift Collections to produce Alliance Gift Collection.

Get lame prizes that you already get from Boxes of Adoration: Gift Giving.

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