Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tait & Sanaria, or "A Cautionary Tale"

Every good story begins with two people meeting.

In this case, a dashing hero down on his luck, just trying to make ends meet...

And a beautiful mostly-naked girl, willing to make his dreams come true...

But like most beautiful, powerful, almost-nude women who offer strange men the money to cure their woes, there was something fishy about Sanaria. She seemed a little too persistent about getting our hero out of the city.

I thought to myself "Why would she store her gold outside Orgrimmar with the bank right here?"

So I followed the pair, ducking behind bushes and edging around walls. My infallible instincts told me something was up.

She led him to the middle of nowhere....

And all of a sudden, WHAM! She pyroblasts him! And he's left fighting a vicious scorpion, alone and terrified, thinking of his wife, fourteen mistresses, and thirty-two children. Who on Azeroth will feed them when he's gone?

He falls, and she stands laughing over his corpse.

I am witness ... to MURDER.

The moral of the story, poor readers? Never trust a beautiful nude woman when she promises free riches. It can only end in tragedy.


None of this was staged.

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  1. OMG, way too funny! What a documentarian you are! I love this. There should be more WoW documentaries. Please write more picture stories!


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