Saturday, February 6, 2010

100 Mounts, or "Solo Collection Guide"

This is a guide to 100 mounts pre-Cataclysm. With new races and factions coming out in the expansion, we will get new mounts to make this more attainable, but logic suggests we'll also get a new achievement, because collector achievements need to stay difficult to be worthwhile. Right?

So there's no point neglecting your collection now if you want to stay on top of things in future expansions.

I'll give you a simplified list. It'll be up to you to research details, though I may eventually post some guides for harder grinds. This is just to point you to the mounts that are guaranteed to be yours if you put the time/money/effort in.


Solo Grinds
  • Battleground Mounts [6] - 50,000 Honor (each)
  • Wintergrasp Mount [1] - 300 Stone Keeper's Shards
  • Kurenai/Mag'har [8] - Exalted
  • Netherwing [6] - Exalted
  • Cenarion Expedition [1] - Exalted
  • Kirin Tor [4] - Gold & 200 Emblems
  • Oracles [1] - Revered
  • Wyrmrest Accord [1] - Exalted
  • Alliance/Horde [41] - Exalted All Races
  • Argent Tournament [13] - Champion, Exalted, 875 Champion Seals
  • Winterspring/Venomhide [1] - Exalted
  • Motorcycle [1] - Gold
  • White Polar Bear [1] - Hodir Pre-Reqs
  • Heroic Culling of Stratholme [1] - Timed Run
  • Sha'tari Skyguard [5] - Exalted
  • Sons of Hodir [2] - Exalted
  • Deathcharger [1] - Stratholme Boss Drop (directions)
  • Time-Lost Proto Drake [1] - Rare Spawn
  • LFG Random H-Occulus [1] - Loot Bag Drop
  • Violet Proto Drake [1] - Get all holiday achievements.
  • Tailoring [3] - Tailoring Level 425
  • Engineering [2] - Engineering Level 375
  • Fishing [1] - Northrend pools.
  • Holidays [4] - Run relevant holiday bosses through LFG daily.
  • 50 Mounts [1] - Get 50 mounts.
Total: 108

Partner Recommended (But Not Always Required)
  • Halaa [2] - 170 Battle Tokens, 350 Oshu'gun Powder (makes 35 Research Tokens)
  • Qiraji Battle Tanks [4] - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, Trash Drops (directions)
  • Zul'Gurub [2] - Raptor & Tiger Boss Drops (Being Removed)
  • Raven Lord [1] - Honored w/ Lower City
  • White Hawkstrider [1] - Access to H-Magister's Terrace, Boss Drop
  • Fiery Warhorse [1] - Karazhan Boss Drop
Total: 11

If any of my numbers are wrong, say so and I'll fix it. I have intentionally left out mounts that still need 3+ players as well as class-specific and out-of-game purchasable mounts. If you wish to keep track of your collection, I recommend the collection feature on Warcraft Mounts.


  1. > because collector achievements need to stay
    > difficult to be worthwhile. Right?

    Getting 75 pets is more than trivial since the argent tournament and they did not add a new achievement for 100 pets. Although even 100 pets wouldn't be that hard to achieve.

    Therefore, your logic might be flawed. :-)

  2. And I doubt you can get the Time-Lost Proto Drake without a group. I've heard the mob is quite hard to kill. Haven't seen him myself thought. :-)

  3. Kring, from what I understand, just about any class can solo the TLPD. It only has 18.9k health, after all.

    Finding it, however...

    That's the tricky part.

  4. In defense of my logic -- you've forgotten the data-mined Super Pet Achievement. It's not up and running, but it keeps things hard.

  5. I hoped you've forgotten about that. :)

  6. The Halaa mounts only require 350 of the powders:

    Patch 3.1.0 (2009-04-14): Changed from 20 to 10 powders per [Halaa Research Token].

  7. I should also mention that the Halaa mounts can also be purchased as part of the 8 from:

    Kurenai/Mag'har [8] - Exalted

    You may want to say:

    Halaa [2] - 170 Battle Tokens, 350 Oshu'gun Powder (makes 35 Research Tokens)

    OR as part of:

    Kurenai/Mag'har [8] - Exalted

    This would make your total 106.


  8. The 2 Halaa talbuks are the Dark versions. As far as I can tell, the Kurenai and Mag'har talbuk vendors don't have them at any time.

  9. hmm, pretty sure they are the same...I will research some more.

  10. turns out there was some bad information on wowwiki what you have is in fact correct my bad.

  11. if i am not mistaken there are only 2 tailor mounts not 3

  12. You are quite correct. There are 2 currently, but one coming in 3.3.3 (Frosty Flying Carpet). I adjusted it for the addition, which I admit was premature. (I thought 3.3.3 would be here by now.) So it'll be correct... eventually? ^_^;

  13. TLPD, isn't hard to kill easily solo-able at lvl 80 as mentioned above the tricky part is def. finding him flying around. Bronze color'd proto Drake.. GL all..

  14. might also add the sea turtle which comes from fishing in northrend pools

  15. "Alliance/Horde [41] - Exalted All Races"

    Where do those 41 mounts come from? There's five races with six to seven mounts each, resulting in a count of less than 35.

  16. The TLPD has a random 72 hour respawn from kill, and has 36 random spawn points in and around Bor's Breath valley, and the Engine of the Makers. He is incredibly easy to kill, finding him however is somewhat mind numbing! 4 months i've hunted him! and i've only seen his dead carcas twice! Good luck.

  17. Hello just found your guide while looking for a flying mount that i want and it occurred to me sometime later that i personally have a certain horde specific Venomhide Raptor mount from a quest in Un'goro crater, the only thing about this mount that is annoying is getting the first quest in the chain done. you have to hit Venomhide Raptors until you get splashed 20 times with there poison blood at lvl 72 i had to go completely naked (except my Tabard didn't want to be indecent ;) ) with no weapon and get one down to just about to die and run away so it'd get fully healed so i could start over. after that you do a few more quests and then you get a venomhide hatchling that you have to feed for 20 days to get 20 teeth to turn back in to get the venomhide raptor!

  18. "Halaa [2] - 170 Battle Tokens, 350 Oshu'gun Powder (makes 35 Research Tokens)"

    How do you call these "solo?" You need someone else to kill to get the tokens...

    These talbuks are 2 of my most favorite mounts in game, I would have grinded them if I had the chance, but PVP in Outland is such a hassle these days I don't want to bother. Luckily, my hunter (not my main mount collector at this point) was able to get one of them during Burning Crusade Halaa battles.

  19. How do you call these "solo?" You need someone else to kill to get the tokens...

    Very true. I wasn't thinking when I listed them as solo, so I'll move them down.

  20. Question:

    If I train, say, tailoring, and learn the three carpet mounts, and then untrain in favor of engineering, obviously I lose the carpets but do I loose the count as far as the achievement is concerned? It seems like it will but I wanted to make sure.

    I'm going to lose gem-cutter in favor of engineering (for Cataclysmic reasons) but I figure as long as I'm going to zero out a skill I might as well run through tailoring if it will get me three mounts.

    thanks for your blog it makes me smile!

  21. If the mounts work like pets (and I'm 99% sure they will), you keep the mounts you train even if you lose the profession. With pets, you can even use them without the professions, but I haven't tested the mounts.

    I myself have been stockpiling cloth to power-level tailoring on Birdfall in Cataclysm for the mounts and then drop it. I'm only 70% sure you'll be able to use the mounts once you've learned them, even without the profession, because that's how it worked with the BOP engineering pets when I had them on Dusty (before they became BOU).

    If you want to wait until I do this on Birdfall, feel free. I'm going to do it once Cataclysm endgame cloth prices drop.

  22. Thanks for the response. I hope it is so...

    I'm pretty committed to doing Loremaster before Cata (maybe I should BE committed, but that's another story...) and so I'm going to wind up with a lot of cloth en route. I think I'll go ahead and start leveling tailoring now and try it out.

    I will let you know here as soon as I find anything out.

  23. OK, here's the answer.

    I went ahead and power-leveled Tailoring to 425. (It was surprisingly cheap and easy, but look at more than one leveling guide, some of them have you do silly things.)

    I trained all three carpets, then (gulp) unlearned Tailoring.

    I still have them in my stable, still have the credit for them in the Mounts achievement, but cannot fly them. (In the mount description there is a requirement for Tailoring level, kind of like the Battle Tank requirement.)

    So I got the dings for the achievement but nothing else. Oh well, I've done way more expensive things in this game :)

    Anyway, there it is. The carpet movement makes me seasick anyway...

  24. :) Thank you for testing that. It's a good thing to know.


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