Friday, April 9, 2010

Dark Talbuk Farming, or "Massive Grind Meets Fun Group Activity"

The Dark Talbuks, aka PVP Talbuks, aka Halaa Talbuks.

You farm 350 Oshu'gun Crystal Powders from mobs around the area and turn them into 35 Research Tokens. (You can only hold 100 powders at a time, so you need to turn them in every now and then.) I found that the ogres you farm for the rest of the talbuks are good for getting into a farming stride. I got about 25 powders an hour (10 powders = 1 token), so I suggest watching or listening to something while you grind.

You then farm 170 Halaa Battle Tokens from killing players that give you honor -- in Halaa. Considering that no 80s frequent Halaa, I recommend making friends on the other side and throwing a big server battle or something. As long as you're in a group or raid with someone who gets a killing blow, you all get tokens.

If you want a quick farm, have an opposite faction friend capture Halaa (strat below) and then have them stand in the graveyard and spirit rez as you continue to kill them. If they don't want broken gear, have them put it in their bank (not bags) so it won't get damaged. It will take maybe 20 minutes to get your 170 kills.

The most tedious part of the Halaa dark talbuk grind (for me) was capturing Halaa.

It's best to have more than one person, but usually others in the area will help if they see what you're doing.

If you have more than one person, one of you should gather the enemy guards in the middle of Halaa and tank/kite them while the other person (or people) capture the flight nodes surrounding Halaa and use those to fly over and bomb the guards.

If it's just you, it will take a very long time, and you'll be easily interrupted by the opposite faction. Just continue bombing the guards until they're all dead (the guards have huge health pools, and the bombs take off 1k and then 1% per fire tick).

Once you have 0/15 guards, sit in Halaa until the "Capture Bar" completely moves to your side. Not just passes the midway point but actually reaches the opposite end of the bar. Then the NPCs will spawn and you can trade in Research Tokens, rez in the Halaa graveyard, and buy things from vendors.


It's a bit of a grind, but if you have a weekend where you want to put in a lot of hours grinding, you can get this done. You're only as limited as being able to tempt the opposite faction to die.

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  1. Yeah, these are just about the hardest mounts to get in the game nowadays.

    My Guild Leader, Ilkay, got both of these guys to get her the 100 mount achievement. It was pretty awesome to see that in Guild chat.


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