Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kickers, or "Nice People DO Win"

Zarhym announced yesterday (yeah, I'm late) that people who tend to vote kick others will still have the wait period on vote kicks. People who don't tend to kick will have no cooldown to initiate a vote kick.

Yay! Nice people win!

If you don't do LFG and are concerned about what this means for you if you choose to start, you'll probably begin with the cooldown but it will change (or not) based on your statistics for kicking. Also, people who have the cooldown now can lose it by kicking less.

I applaud this.


  1. They should also remove the ability to roll need for people who roll need on stuff they don't need (but can roll need on because of their class). :)

  2. Kring: They have... Kind of anyway. I've heard Hunters complain in PUG:s because they can't need on cloth.

    I still have one thing I can't seem to understand. How do you write a reason when kicking someone? I've never even seen a reason... People just kick each other. ^^ But most of the time you already know the reason...

  3. What I meant was the plate wearer needing on a blue plate item although he is wearing T10 because 10g from vendor is better than a chance at winning a shard. Or Enchanters needing on anything they can, because they don't want to disenchant for the group.


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