Friday, June 18, 2010

Randoms, or "The Horror of HoR"

I realize that random heroics are random, but something in the WoW-verse must be getting me back for all the mount luck I've had. Because for the past week, my first random dungeon of the day on Birdy has been HoR.

Which she can't do.

She's been kicked twice because of low dps.

This is not fun for me.

Today I got in it, facepalmed, and told them I was too low dps to be there, then dropped out and am now suffering through a 13 minute cooldown before I can wait another 10 minutes to get into something that might very well be another HoR.

This would be easier to manage if I had something useful to do while queuing or if I had gear or emblems left to grind, but the truth is... I'm just hoping to luck into a string of Oculus runs for a chance at ye old blue drake, which isn't much motivation at all when you think about it.

In more encouraging news, I'm much closer to being done with my Argent dailies forever, and I'm really looking forward to the Midsummer Fire Festival starting this Monday. My poor little warrior is going to get a lot of love.


  1. Update: I love husband! He hopped on Mistwing at my request and we blew through a bunch of randoms. Yay grouping with a healer!! Yay not getting a single HoR!

  2. I once got in a HoR random with my warrior who never tanked HoR heroic. (I tanked it a lot with my Paladin and my DK.) I queued with a retribution paladin, the other 3 were randoms.

    On wave 2 the paladin disconnected and wasn't able to log back in. Because of the nature of HoR we had to continue with only 4 people. We finished the first boss although said boss fight took forever.

    But the door doesn't open after the Boss, we were therefore forced to continue with only 4 people. We were to slow on wave 7 and wave 8 added with some mobs from wave 7 still up. I wasn't able to pick up all the mobs as fast as required, I could save the awesome healer but the mage died. But we finished wave 7+8, then wave 9 and the boss with only 3 people. All 3 from different servers.

    That was my most awesome PuG ever.

    I then apologized for the paladin and we replaced her for the LK event.

    You can do HoR with only 2 DD. Sure, we were all lucky that these 2 DD did good damage and played very good. Nevertheless, I wouldn't just leave because i think my damage is to low. It might work out and if it works out you can be sure to be in a group who doesn't complain about peoples damage. :)

    Stay with the group and wait for the first wipe. On the first wipe the healer or tank normally leaves, or both. If you leave a group where already someone left, you do not get the deserter debuff, afaik.

  3. You think getting HoR everyday is bad?

    Imagine having to specifically hunt for a party to get the caster off-hand from the chest. And having to deal with asshats along the way.

    *shudders* Worst four weeks of my life in WoW. Ever.


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