Thursday, June 24, 2010

Outfit of the Month, or "Giving New Meaning to 'Bear Form'"

I was puttering around in my WoW Model Viewer, looking for an RP set for Windwhistler, and I noticed the animal paw fist weapons. I'd forgotten all about them. So in honor of the upcoming Worgens, whether you're going to be one or just enjoy killing them, let's dress up like fuzzy beasties! :D

Wolf Head
Large Wolf (or Bear) Head
Main Hand
Clothing Shown on Tauren
  • Banshee Armor
  • Durable Pants
  • + Ivory Helm & Ivory Fists
Clothing Shown on Human
  • Embersilk Tunic
  • Archmage Pants
  • Embersilk Boots
  • +Far Seer's Helm & Russet Fists

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