Sunday, June 20, 2010

Multiple DKs, or "Don't Forget! It's Father's Day"

The title is disjointed, but whatever. It's Father's Day and I wouldn't know it if it wasn't on my Google calendar.

So a friend has a Gladiator Frostwyrm on an alliance DK and he wants to bring it over to our realm on horde-side, but he has a level 80 DK he wants to keep with all the Inscription recipes because he worked really really hard for them.

He asked what he should do because he wants to keep his Inscription but he wants the pretty mount (something I can totally get behind), and I was all like "Give the Inscription character to your wife with an account transfer?"

And he was all like "Cool! She'd like that! But we don't have the same last name, so I dunno if that'll work. :*("

And I was all like "Nuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

And my brother-in-law-in-law (I really need to find a shorter way to say that) was all like, "I think I heard you could have more than 1 DK on a realm/faction if you transfer. You can try it if the account transfer doesn't work."

And I was like, "Hey, I remember hearing that too! Lemme look for proof!"

So I dug around on the interwebs and found proof on two sites I can't actually link because they're all about WoW exploits and hacks and botting and cheating and bad stuff. But they had screenshots of valid, legal multiple DK transfers. I'll put up their proof photos for you so you can see I'm not just saying it, but no links because exploiting is super dumb.

Exploiting is Super Dumb

I want to emphasize this. The same friend who wants his Frostwyrm has known a lot of guys who've thought exploiting or hacking or botting were cool, and he told us that every single one of them eventually got permabanned every time.

And then he'd say I Told You So when they whined about losing their accounts.

He said it took a while for the bans to happen, but none of the guys he knew ever got away in the long run, and plenty of them would start up a new account and try to bot/exploit/hack all over again and then (always eventually) get banned again.

So, kids, do things the honest way. You might not get to brag about making 1 billion honor in a day, but at least you'll still have an account.



  1. If you followed mmo-champion... nah, I know you didn't. But your husband followed mmo-champion so ask him. :)

    It looks like they will completely change inscription and it will no longer produce glyphs in Cataclysm. Glyphs will all be obtained by different sources. Inscription will be reduced to off-hand items and stuff.

    The glyphs will be designed to "get them all" but select which one you want to have active at any time and inscription will produce some kind of "erasure" to switch them.

    The problem with all the inscription receipts on the old DK will probably go away anyway soon. :)

    And, Birdy, please scan your PC for Trojans after surfing these bad pages. I hope you have an up to date virus scanner. :)

  2. Great idea for the scan. I'm on it! ^_^

  3. @ Kring; lol NO ONE will have inscription then... oh man xD it'll be so useless.

    as for the two DKs, that's pretty cool, I didn't know that :X I kinda regret making my dk a human instead of a draenei... >.>;

  4. You can also have a DK on an account that has no characters over level 55 by doing the same thing. My nephew leveled a DK on my brother's account and when he was finally responsible enough for his own account my brother just transferred the DK and a level 35 paladin my nephew had to the new account. Just like that... one brand new account with only a level 80 DK and little pally.

    And I don't think inscription will stop producing Glyphs. What I remember reading was that once you buy (and use) a glyph you won't ever need to get it again. ie you buy and 'install' Glyphs A, B, and C. You then buy Glyph D and replace C so now you have A, B and D. You decide you want to go back to C you don't have to buy a new glyph... you can simply switch back to the one you had previously. Scribes will still make Glyphs but much of the money making aspects will be lost. Min-maxers won't need to keep a stack of 3 or 4 different glyphs on them. They just need to buy them all once and then can change back at forth at will. They are adding a bunch of new off-hands and other goodies to make Inscription more attractive.

  5. This is where I found it.

    "We’re going to focus inscription on more of the non-glyph aspect of the trade skill. So, Darkmoon Faire cards, trinkets, offhand items, things like that. We also want to tie the ability to change glyphs into inscription. We’re not sure of the name yet but the idea is that scribes would basically sell a kind of eraser and the eraser is what allows you to blank out your glyphs and write in new ones." To me this sounds like scribes won't be creating glyphs anymore.

  6. I'm sure I have no clue what any of that means, but husband is sure that Inscription won't change as fundamentally as you fear, though it would be different.

    For now, it's safe to say that we don't know what the end product for Inscription will be and it'll be interesting to see how it works in the Beta.


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