Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scorchling Returning, or "Don't Know When or How, But Yeah, Totally"

the Scorchling will return elsewhere along with some friends representing the remaining elements (source)
Cool beans!


  1. Elemental invasion in Cataclysm? 20% drop chance of the Elemental Invasion boss once per month?

    Or in the elemental plane?

    Or maybe from the end boss in hard mode of a raid with a 0.1% drop chance or some other crap.

    We'll see...

  2. Anything but the Online Store. I'll handle the 0.1%, as long as my credit card stays out of it.

    But I have to think they'll be drops from all the elementals in Cataclysm. I figure they need to add a fair number of pets in Cata, to maintain the current ratio for the 100 pet achievement. I'll take all four elements, please!


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