Monday, June 7, 2010

Silly Tank, or "There's a Reason You're Not the Dungeon Guide"

Yes, I have nothing better to post about at the moment. Yes, I know it's pathetic.

I've been running ToC every now and then (less since I got the new Sims 3 expansion), and I've run it enough to know every encounter, so I queue as a dungeon guide.

I'm dungeon guide for this morning's run, where we do fine to the Black Knight and wipe on the second stage (with desecrates and exploding ghouls).

We return, and I drop a Fish Feast thinking that'll make a difference.

We wipe on the same phase, but I vanish to avoid the wipe and watch. I then say in party chat:

"We should try to move him out of Desecrate more, I think that's what's getting us. And perhaps the tank could kite him in a wide circle so people don't get hit by ghouls as much."

Non-judgemental, right? Especially considering it's the tank who dies every time due to standing in a pool of desecrate while ghouls explode around him. I politely don't mention this.

One of the dps asks if we kill the ghouls first and I say "No, we kill the boss. The ghouls explode when they have a red thing over their head and start slowing you, and it takes over half your health."

The tank says: "ToT when the ghouls are up. 1700 for a rogue sucks."

I reply: "It's low because I stand outside Desecrate while the boss is always in it."

The tank says nothing, but in my head I'm like: "PWNED!"

We then one-shot him using my suggestions.



  1. That was a great knockout blow and you managed to deliver it without getting snippy/snarky! Awesome. :D

  2. Taking a jackass's facade is the greatest souvenir/trophy ever!


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