Saturday, June 19, 2010

Inattentive, or "I'll Take What Compliments I Can Get"

"Beth has been tanking a lot lately," my husband told my brother at a Mexican restaurant.

"Really," said my sister-in-law, nomming chips like only an 8-months-pregnant woman can. "That's nice."

"She's actually a good tank."

I scowled at his incredulous tone.

"She keeps aggro, has good pacing, and pays attention. She doesn't even tab out during pulls!"

My brother blinked. "Really? But she always tabs out."

I made a face. "I don't tab out that much, do I?"

All three looked at me and nodded.

"Yes, you do."

"You really do."

"It's okay," said my sympathetic sister-in-law. "I let my tank die the other day while tabbed out looking at baby clothes."

I sighed and accepted the back-handed compliment. I'm an inattentive dps, but at least I can tank. /shrug

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  1. I tab out when I'm tanking sometimes ;) You know, to make a witty comment on twitter or something ...


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