Thursday, June 24, 2010

Windwhistler 40, or "Happy Mount Time!"

So I had some super-fun LFG runs on Windwhistler with a pair of Duskwood players, Guyy and Jessiebear, and hit 40 on my tank!

Whistler is happy, but not nearly as excited as husband. Ohmygoodness, husband was practically hopping up and down when I trained Shield Slam. He even got up out of his seat (he works from home) and came over to ooh and aah at all my new abilities.

Husband is a warrior fan. At one point, he had an 80 warrior and two warrior alts because, and I quote, "I just like leveling warrior."

Back when we did Recruit-a-Friend together on Birdy and Mistwing, Whistler was supposed to get the extra bonus levels and hit 60. Alas, we procrastinated and she didn't get them.

But I have to say, today was fun enough that I don't much mind. I mean, I'd like to be 60+, but there are some good times to be had in the lower levels.

Now the tough part. Which mount should I pick?! Decisions, decisions.


  1. mounts are so cheap compared to the olden days that i buy them all and use an add on to randomly pick one to use

  2. I spent most of her gold on the Brown Bear, but I really like it on her so it was worth it.

    I also dropped 900g on Moon Guard for a rare pair of pants I wanted for her RP set. But they are sooooo cute! Super-happy!


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