Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PVE Me?, or "Blizz Can Just Randomly Change PVP Realms to PVE?"

Oh thank God, this gives me hope.

I'm gathering that Drak'thul was changed from PVP to PVE due to massive population imbalance. (Note that they gave free transfers to PVP realms for players who still preferred that type of realm.) In another thread, people mention that alliance got overrun by horde on Drak'thul and were never allowed to level, so alliance became almost non-existent.

Due to a recent article by that linked to an older article, it seems that PVP realms have been on the decline for more than a little while.

Now that we have precedent for this sort of action, I must beg the question -- when does Zuluhed get to be fixed?

It doesn't have to be soon. But my birthday is in November.

*hint hint*

I'm not even joking about that, but I do have some practical thoughts to add.

First, people have mentioned in the discussions linked that combining realms is an indication that a game company is doing badly, which would mean that changing a realm from PVP to PVE would be the preferable choice for Blizz.

Second, if it's true that PVP servers tend to be low population and unbalanced, I can see Blizzard continuing to decrease the number of PVP realms by turning them to PVE until there are a handful of medium-to-high population PVP realms -- thus collecting PVP enthusiasts into more bustling surrounds.

Third, the previous two assumptions force me to conclude that of all the crappy unbalanced PVP realms, Zuluhed has a shot at going PVE one day. Maybe not a 100% shot, but considering how many alliance gankers moved horde to get Wintergrasp Victory every week, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. PvP-wise, there's virtually no one left on the Alliance side to even worry about. You have the usual slew of 58-60 Death Knights that hang out in Hillsbrad, but Wintergrasp is a joke and world PvP just doesn't happen anymore (not that I'm complaining). Must stink to be Alliance on Zuluhed right now, though. No VoA, no WG weeklies (2 of the quests require winning & holding the fortress... something the Alliance only manages during extreme off-hours (like 5am in the morning).

  2. Or 10 minutes before reset.

    I'm serious. Usually on Earthen Ring, Alliance wins once during the week.

    And then they promptly lose it 2 hours and 50 minutes later.

    I was passing through Wintergrasp at 1 am one week when I noticed that it was Alliance owned, and my Guild Leader was like,

    "Dude, reset happens tonight."

    And I just nodded.

    Sad part? Earthen Ring is a RP realm.

  3. If they would change my PvE realm into a PvP I would stop playing. Even when they would offer free transfer.

    If you see that from the other side it's a quite radical change. I wouldn't expect them to lightly change more servers.

    And WoW already had server mergers.

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  5. I'm with 伯臻 on this. Post something new! *fistbump to the Chinese hacker/spammer*

  6. /facepalm

    I could post about the new Sims 3 expansion. >_> It came out today so I'm scouring for info, but I can't buy it until next month.


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