Monday, August 31, 2009

Report of the Day, or "I WILL Rename You"

So I'm leveling my mining, since a while back I decided Inscription is for suckers (a.k.a. My Husband's Best Friend, who basically is our server's glyphs market). And I love mining. It's like going back to a particularly fun starting zone and doing quests you loved when you first got the game, whereas Inscription was like grinding out an area you didn't know and didn't like.

So while I'm patrolling Hinterlands like a lunatic on my quest for mithril, I've been buffing all the lowbies I run across. I don't pay much attention to them, just pop my health and spirit on them and run off again. Half of them are afk when I do it. S'cool.

After my first run, I smelt a bunch of mithril in the horde town and follow a 46 rogue up to the top of the hill to begin my circuit again. I'm trying to chase him down to buff him because I'm like that. I don't like to let lowbies get away.

So I look at his name, and it's something silly but not clever, whatever, and then I look at the guild name.

Yeah, he didn't get buffed. I passed him at the top with a mental sniff and he stopped, probably to look at me because that's what lowbies do when a max level runs by. I found a quiet spot to stop, tabbed out, armoried his guild, and reported it.

Guild name? "Sapped Girls Dont Say No"

That's actually terrifying to me as a woman. Who in their right mind would use that as a guild name? Sure, it's "clever" in that it combines a real world situation with sapping (cuz nobody's thought of that before), except that it's not funny. It's horrifying. And, frankly, I'm doing those poor morons a favor by getting their guild name changed, since no respectable human being (who noticed) would play with someone with that tag. Disreputable ones, sure. Ninjas, totally. But, I would hope, no one I associate with would touch them with a ten foot pole.

Just . . . ugh. *shudder* That's all.


  1. Good for you. Seriously. It was totally the right thing to do.

  2. Wow, some people are just morons. Nice job on reporting them.

  3. I seem to remember that this guild name, or another fairly similar, went around a year or so back. I was just as horrified then as I am to hear about it now. I'm glad you reported it.

  4. Kudos to you. Too many people, I fear, would just let it pass. "Boys will be boys." Horsefeathers. We can only try to save the asshats from themselves.

  5. We had a guild with that exact name on our server about 1 year ago, and it's a German speaking server.

    It's quite a common guild and arena team name in the US:

    and in Europe:

    Disclaimer: I don't approve that name.

  6. Just type "sappped" into Google and watch it's suggestions for a search term.

  7. Oh my god! Do we live in a world of degenerates? :o(

    I'd be right with you, reporting them, if I saw them. Thanks for taking care of that. I'm debating whether to open a ticket on those teams Kring linked once armory and wow come back up after maintenance...

  8. I agree that it's pretty tasteless but unfortunately reporting that guild name with Blizzard will get you nowhere since there's 55 other guilds on the US armory with the exact name too. Obviously Blizz doesn't find it offensive, but I've seen far worse than that and wonder how they get away with it?

  9. "how they get away with it?"

    Blizzard has a very definite stance on policing names and behavior -- the players have to do it through the reporting system. The GMs do not look at anyone's name unless it's reported to them.

    I've read complaints before about how reporting a guild name on one server only makes the GM change that one guild. They don't armory every guild by that name and change them all. I think it was in the official Suggestions forum, that GMs should be able to auto-change all matching names across all servers if a player or guild name is offensive.

    The current system is far from perfect, but it works as long as we players are willing to make the effort.

  10. *nods at Birdfall* I reported one individual with a racist name on one of my realms, then added him to my friends list.

    The next day I say that he had a new name -- or rather, a new spelling of the old name. I reported him again. And again the day after that.

    On the fourth day, he had a lovely non-racist (and vaguely generic fantasy) character name. It took a while, but it was worth it.

  11. :) Very smart, with the friends list.


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