Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bank System, or "Setting Up Your Alts for Cross-Faction Sales"

You will need 1 trustworthy friend to do this with you (or a second account) and 3 character slots free for banks (most people already have one set up). If you don't have either, you may want to stick to more ordinary ways of using the Neutral AH.

Bank 1: Horde
Get a level 1 to a city. Orc or Troll are easiest, as you just exit the starting area and head north.

Bank 2: Alliance
Humans are easy to get to Stormwind. Just head out and go west until you hit the road going north.

Bank 3: Neutral
It is easier to set up a HORDE than an ALLIANCE in Booty Bay. A troll or orc can simply exit their level 1 starting area, head south to the ocean, and swim west to Ratchet with maybe 1 or 2 deaths. From Ratchet, you take the boat.

For Alliance, your best bet is if you have an unused Death Knight. If you don't, get ready for corpse-hopping. You can run south from Stormwind to Booty Bay but the mobs are very high level and aggro the moment you rez. A longer but less death-shrouded route is from Teldrassil to Ashenvale and then through The Barrens to Ratchet. And Ratchet has the right boat.

Bank 4: Friendly Neutral
Since you CANNOT buy your own auctions, you CANNOT set up a second neutral AH character on the same account and trade items to yourself. You must have a second account or a friend willing to help out. If you and a friend trade through the Neutral AH regularly for your money-making schemes, you can benefit each other by having a Neutral AH character on opposite sides.

So this bank character is a friend of yours (or a second account) on HORDE or ALLIANCE while yours is on the other faction. You trade back and forth with this person.

Bank Guild
Do this for both sides, but particularly the side you share with a friend, as guild banks are the fastest and cheapest way to trade items back and forth.

Get a charter in the city. (Ask a guard where the Guild Master is.)

Badger your main faction friends to make level 1's in the nearby starting zone. Go slap your charter on their faces to make them sign.

Stay in the starting zone and, to fill in the rest of the charter, whisper anyone without a guild tag "Would you like to make 50s by signing a guild charter? It's a bank guild, so there's no expectation for you to stay after creation."

If they say yes: group with them, find them, offer the charter to sign, , pay them, thank them, remind them that "Joining a guild or signing another charter will remove your signature from this charter, so please refrain from doing so until this guild forms," drop group.

Repeat until you have 9 signatures. Turn it in at the Guild Master. Thank everyone one last time, then kick them all.

Trade What?
I'm finding a sad lack of Argent Tournament pets on my Neutral AH. I plan to export them to the enemy auction houses, starting with a Sen'jin Fetish I farmed on Dusty, in order to buy up Alliance Argent Tourney pets for resale (and personal use).

My friend recommended comparing prices on high-end items like:
  • Book of Glyph Master
  • Titanium Ore
  • Arctic Fur
  • Epic Gems
  • Frost Lotus
Make Money to Make Money
You have to be dedicated to making cash on both sides or you won't make any money. To buy the things you want from your non-main side, that auction character needs capital. To get capital, you must send that character valuable things and care about its auctioning process.

Remember, both sides must make money to continue making money. If one side runs out, the trading and thus cash flow stops.


  1. U missed the most obvious route for Alliance to BB. Head to Westfall and then swim down the coast. If you do it right you should not arrgo anyone once you are in the water and away from the Murlocs on the coast of Westfall.

  2. They seem to have fixed the log-out-and-rez in any graveyard bug. Or nerfed the feature, however you want to look at it. Found out a few weeks ago after running my poor dead corpse from the Wetlands to Southshore. Logged out. Used to be that you could log back in and the game had lost the connection between where you died and the closest GY. Which meant as long as you logged out between death and ressurection, you could avoid a lot of dying (and move faster!) by running to your destination in spirit form. This time, though, after logging back in, I talked to the Southshore Spirit Healer and she rezzed me back in the Wetlands GY. :(

    So just a heads up if anyone plans to try the same to cross Stranglethorn. It doesn't seem to work anymore. At least it didn't work for me between Wetlands and Southshore.


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