Saturday, August 15, 2009

Your Own NPC, or "Another Fun Creative Game"

We've seen people who contribute to the community sometimes get nods in game from Blizz. If you had the honor of your own NPC, which character would you want it to be and what would they do?

I think if Blizz decided my poor lil ravings deserved something, and they didn't want it to be a phoenix mount (*grumble*), I'd want them to make Dustfire an NPC in a sexy dress who gives out a bunch of really bitchy dailies.

Birdfall wouldn't be quite as fun as an NPC (she's too serious) but might appreciate being set up as one of those "just for ambiance" NPCs -- like stuck in an eternal loop of trying to talk her drunk sister off a table or cleaning her knives in a dark corner. Either way, she'd want to be somewhere people didn't frequent often, like a useless corner of Darnassus or the inn of Menethil Harbor, because unlike Dustfire, Birdfall hates attention.

What about your characters?



    Do love Quest text.

    In my own situation, Lamora's quest(s) would be something along the lines of...

    No More Gnomes...

    I'm sure you been hearin' that Warlord Thrall said no more eatin' of them tasty Gnomes. I be wantin' somethin' that tastes like 'em though.

    Find a substitue for Gnome Meat.

    23g 19s

  2. I must remember not to read your blog and drink morning coffee at the same time.

  3. Hmmm. Been thinkin about this one all morning. :D

    I'd want Friday to be a Warrior trainer/quest giver in Stromgarde, which (hypothetically) gets rebuilt as a major city/hub after Cataclysm. I think more of the skills characters get should be earned through mini-quests. :D

    She would also vendor a very select and difficult to get armor set for warriors that's actually attractive. Like undead slayer armor from the per-Wrath scourge event. It's fine to have the training and be able to do battle with the evil minions of the world, but you should look good doing it!


  4. Heh, this is a fun topic. I'd love for Daidamia (a night elf) to be parked in a goblin area. She would be starting her own cartel and would send players to get her all kinds of crazy items to sell to people. Might especially work if the goblins do go Horde, she could rally other races to "go neutral" ;)

  5. Tyrk (Night Elf Druid(Cat), Dentarg)
    You know what would be awesome, man? If we could clear out some old ruins and set up an outdoor concert . . . say maybe on a bluff overlooking the sea in Eldarath. You know, on the coast of Azshara. Maybe we could do a monthly gig or something. Keep a path cleared of the beach, light up some bonfires and party all night.

    But hey, I'm just the drummer . . . so I'll go along with whatever, right?

  6. I finally remembered! The daily was inspired by a scene toward the end of "Overboard."


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