Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Raptor Pets, or "Yes I'm Slow And Ineffectual"

So I only really post pet guides when I need them myself. You can forgive me for that, right?

First, does not know if the changes to the game world in Cataclysm will remove any pets that drop off of mobs.

Second, husband says that he doesn't think the mobs will change even if the territory does. He assumes their levels will be all that changes.

Third, I've decided that yay or nay, this is as good a time as any to top off my pet collections.

Raptor Pet Locations

Listed in order of north to south geographically starting in Kalimdor and working over to Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend.
  1. Takk the Leaper - Northeastern Barrens - 100% Drop (5-8 hour respawn timer)
  2. Wailing Caverns Raptors - Instance is Southwest of Crossroads in The Barrens - 1% Drop
  3. Dart - Northern Dustwallow Marsh - 100% Drop (5-8 hour respawn timer)
  4. Ravasaur Matriarch - Southeastern Un'goro - 100% Drop (5-8 hour respawn timer)
  5. Zul'Gurub Raptors - Instance is in Northeastern Stranglethorn Vale - 1% Drop
  6. Razormaw Matriarch - Northeastern Wetlands - 100% Drop (5-8 hour respawn timer)
  7. Gundrak Raptors - Northeastern Part of Zul'Drak section of Northrend - 1% Drop
  8. Breanni - Dalaran Pet Shop - 50g


  1. Aren't Gundrak raptors the blue classic wow model raptors that pat around outside Gundrak? I'm trying to remember where there are raptors inside Gundrak...

  2. Additional post, since I can't edit:
    There's a picture of one here ( that clearly shows it outside in the snowy part of Zul'Drak.

  3. Well holy cow that was fast!
    I don't know, I'm having a hard time getting my act together to camp the rare spawns and compete with other campers (same reason my hunter still hasn't tame Skoll ;_;), but I agree, things might change come Cataclysm...

  4. I -really- hope that there's some kind of caverns of time thing in Cataclysm that lets people come back to the OLD world to claim things like these pets, loremaster achievements and the like T_T I certainly want them but barely have the time anymore.

  5. My best advice is just to figure out how much time you can spend on pets, how much gold you're willing to invest, apply yourself to the pets you've been meaning to get for a while, and just ignore the ones you won't lose sleep over if you never get them.

    I don't advise panic until we know for sure about this, because I have a hunch my husband's right and they won't take away our pet grinds.

  6. warcraftpets is listing 1/1000 (0,1%) drop chances for the razzashi, gundrak and deviate hatchlings. it's not really that important, and maybe even worong, but don't be disappointed if they don't drop real fast.

    i have a deal with my boyfriend - he's got his alts parked where the rare mobs spawn, and i do the farmable ones. i already farmed 2 deviate hatchlings, it took about 25-30 wailing cavern runs (i only killed the raptors in the early circular part of the instance with my lvl80 hunter - about 5 minutes for a run)

  7. I was running WC with my hunter, since she's the pet collector (got the drop in about 10 runs btw). But I'm running it on my druid now, just because starfall makes that circle so much quicker. Not to mention, if I've my pet on defensive, I always end up with a few I can't loot, and I always forget to put her on passive >_<


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