Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trolls and Blizzcon, or "I Cry Too Easy"

I hate trolls.

No, not you, Vol'jin. The other kind.

The kind that keeps being mean until they make you cry. Then they drink your tears because it makes them stronger.

See, I posted my thoughts on a WoW Insider thread about how Blizz should revamp PVP for their NextGen MMO and how my suggested changes would solve my particular problem. Specifically, that I hate PVP servers but must play on one to be with my friends and how I would like to not have to choose between friends and gameplay in their next game.

It degenerated pretty fast into "STOP DESTROYING OUR PVP!!!!"

The most common advice was "You don't like PVP? Roll PVE." Which I'd previously said I won't do because I won't leave my friends. And of course the response to that was "Stop QQing, then. You made your bed, lie in it."

The thing that bothered me the most wasn't the comments, though. It was that comments against me were voted up by other readers. Or, rather, comments that said essentially "PVP servers shouldn't change ever, stop trying to ruin them" had a lot of support.

So I've been sobbing for about 15 straight minutes now. Fun, lemme tell ya.

The irony is that I wasn't even talking about a revamp of the Warcraft PVP server system, though I did point out its flaws for my situation. I was suggesting what I'd like for the next game. Perhaps people really are that dumb (I can see being confused at the first post, but I said over and over and over in the continued conversation how I meant it for their NEXT game, not this one), or perhaps they can't see Blizzard's next MMO being anything beyond a complete remake of WoW with all the same systems in place, but they just didn't pay attention to the focus of my comment and knee-jerk reacted to protect their PVP system.

Of course, when I went to my guild with a hysterical description of the transaction and "So should I do that? Forget my hordies and go play Birdfall full time?" I got some /comforts and understanding and even "it comes down to what makes you the happiest" and "you and I can play together" and "tell Tiger he's fired unless he gives you the appropriate amount of snuggles to forget about all this."

I guess that's the difference between the people I love and random strangers who freak out at the first sign of anti-PVP sentiment.


Trolls have bothered me before, they'll bother me again. I'll get over it. I bet they're all just extra-cranky because they're trolling forums while everyone else is going to Blizzcon.

Roughly 7 of my guildies will be there. At Blizzcon, that is. If you're going, look for my guild leader Teo! You have his photo here. He's very tall and very Asian and should be with a very curvy short woman, a tall blonde gangly kid, a good-looking friendly emo guy with piercings and star wrist tats, and two older gentlemen.

/nod nod

Also, we ordered the live stream, so tell me if you're in any of the contests and I'll keep an eye out for you. :)


  1. The following is part of my brother's reply to my hysterical guild post:

    This is an example of how every. single. conversation. in. a. public. online. forum. WILL. go.

    Guy: I think birds are dumb. Things shouldn't be able to poop from over my head.

    Birdfall: Birds are pretty. I like birds and the poop-bombs they produce are a small price to pay to have such beauty.

    Troll: BIRDFALL! I POOP ON U! /poopin

    Guy: They're not all pretty and I wouldn't care if it was a flamingo pooping on my head, I still wouldn't want it.

    Troll2: ROFL u poop leik a gurl

    Troll3: ur stoopid, birds r dumm

    Troll4: I poop on birds.

    Troll2: Bird bird bird, the bird's the word.

    Troll4: And then eat them.


    Troll2: LOL L2POOP n00b

    Birdfall: /cry

  2. The key to public forums is (generally) to share your perspective and not care what others think about it. Some posts will get voted up, and some will get voted down. Don't let the down votes discourage you from sharing. Most of all don't take it personally. Everyone has a right to share their perspective. Even the trolls (unfortunately).


  3. I'm still debating ordering the live stream, even though I can't really afford it, and I don't even know if I can still get it, solely for the pet... /sigh

    But hugs! Trolls will be trolls, and unfortunately most are just there to make themselves feel better about.. well, themselves as opposed to participating in any sort of informed debate.

  4. I agree with xor, you made your (very valid) points, and quite a few people had active, engaged debate with you about it. I think, all in all, that's a refreshing development in a public wow forum. Besides, you know the trolls only read the first sentence of your first post went straight to the comments section to share their nugget of wisdom ("fuuuuuuuk no don't mess with mah peeveepee!"). They're not worth the tears. /tissue

  5. I am a proponent of Hugs and hacking Trolls' accounts to steal everything they have then deleting said account.

    Guess which one I can't do at all?

    But in other news, I do provide Hugs for my friends, so...

    *hugs Birdfall*

  6. /hug

    Just a thought, but keep in mind that anyone can close and reopen their browser and vote on over and over. One person could, with patience, vote a single post into oblivion.

    All that rational stuff never helps me much either when it happens, though. Thinking interweb trolls shouldn't be bother is different than actually being the target of their pathetic ire.

    Course, that's the joy of having a blog. If a troll wanders in here, you can nuke him into lil' pieces. :D

    On a happier note, I hope the stream works well and is fun. Didn't get it cause I'm gonna be at work off and on and won't have time to watch it much. (That and I work for the *other* satellite TV company and I'm really mad at Blizz for picking the WRONG ONE! AGAIN! I mean, c'mon... our HD is light years ahead of theirs and who doesn't wanna see Ghostcrawler and crew in glorious 1080p! :P) I hope it's fun and hope we get to read your take on the events soon!

    Smile! :D


  7. /hugs back

    I'll be watching the costume/song/dance contests until midnight. I want to see The Guild, but husband thinks they're only streaming the main stage, which makes me sad.

  8. LOL ur a n00b and u fail at life and at WoW 2!!!!11

    L2PvP n00bturd

  9. Um... I know where you live? And you're not getting any of my nachos.

  10. God loves stupid people.
    That's why he makes so many of them.


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