Sunday, August 2, 2009

Daily Valiant Cheat, or "Keep the Money Rolling"

It's not actually a cheat. But it's smart.

The Argent Tournament valiant and champion quests award the best money for time spent because you can do most of them at the exact same time -- a 2-for-1 deal.

The valiant quests stop when you hit Champion for all your factions.


If you don't hit champion for the final faction, you can keep doing your valiant dailies indefinitely.


I got my 25 valiant seals yesterday and turned them in to my Ironforge guy. He gave me the followup to defeat a champion to become a Champion of Ironforge!

Except I didn't do the followup and logged out instead to see if I could still do their dailies.

I logged in this morning and, lo, the Ironforge valiants have my daily quests ready and waiting.

*little dance*

Unfortunately, this isn't an option if you've already Championed out your factions, but if you have another character who wants to Champion stuff, you can remember this trick for them. At least until Blizz changes it.


  1. They won't change it but you cannot get the new daily quests which arrive with 3.2 without having championed all 5 factions. So, this will go away with 3.2.

  2. True. But those new dailies probably won't be as convenient as these.

  3. Probably not, no.

    But they should provide you with an additional 5 marks per day, which, for me, is better than 26 gold. But yes, it's additional work.

  4. Additional marks -- very good point.

  5. But wait there's more! If you order now...


    If you fly up to Ebon Blade place and grab the quest to plant the flag on the dead valk... valal... viking guys, you can do THREE dailies at the same time cause they count as Scourge. /win!!!

    And I think, not sure, but think Blizz said they were gonna make the Valiant quest available to Crusaders again. Of course, if they don't you can just do that last bit and then pick up the other 5 quests for more loots/marks. /fullofwin

  6. From what I've experienced on the PTR, the new Crusader only quests take just slightly longer than it does to fly to the western side of the continent for the sword quests. One of them is a bombing run, the others involve killing some baddies near the tourney itself (and that includes scourge :))


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