Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Compare Achievements, or "I Can Show Off How... Slow I Am"

Not only does Armory now have achievements in your character panel but you can choose to show characters side-by-side from any server. I'm thrilled, because now I can bookmark my three characters and see how fast (or slow, as the case may be) they're moving.

When I get everything I want off of them, they'll look like this:

I have friends who want to max absolutely everything, but I realize how unrealistic that would be -- particularly for someone with my personality. I know exactly what I want from my characters, and even though it will take a lot of time (ie, years), I'm a patient person and have always enjoyed having long-term goals.

After I achieve these goals, I can work on filling out the rest bit by bit. I'm in no hurry.

Though that does bring up an interesting topic -- I can never understand people who are in a hurry. People who care so much about getting things done and getting them done now that it's physical pain. It's not just in the game -- when I talk about how I'm going to get published, I always see people look at me askance like "She's setting herself up for a really nasty letdown when the rejections start rolling in." But getting published is like maxing those achievements on all three characters (one of which isn't even 50 yet): it's patience that I trust, even more than my own ability. I'm dedicated enough to both my writing and my characters to keep moving forward until I succeed. And as long as I keep my eye on the long-term goal, I will succeed. Perhaps not with the story or character I initially wanted to, but that I will succeed with something, I have no doubt.

Do you think people who try to do everything super-fast are also the most likely to give up if they don't succeed right away?


  1. I like fast. <_< Rather, I like expedience. I don't insist on having something NOW but I need to know how I'll obtain it and the path I'm taking to get there. On that note... level 76 this weekend and level 78 next is my arbitrary goal for Nev and I.

  2. I'm attributing my slowness to having to cook Thanksgiving dinner and all the other stuff this week.

    Nevermind that I had more than this week to level.


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