Thursday, February 14, 2008

Alliance Sucks, or "I Should Have Listened to My Horde Guild"

This doesn't mean I'm giving up on alliance or that I hate it. I just have a frustrating story:

I'm doing some Tanaris quests, getting pirate hats and some kills taken care of, with a pair of strangers also on the kill quest. Then this team of 3-4 horde show up and start attacking us because world pvp is soooo much fun when you're trying to quest. (Not.)

We kill them once, they come back in force and kill us.

The thing is, before they come back and kill us, we see this 70 alliance rogue riding around watching. We're thinking, "whew, safe. We can quest now." Because, typically, a high level will wreak havoc on hostiles.

Then the horde group kills us and the rogue stands by and does nothing.

One of our team whispers him. Apparently, he can't help us because he's friends with this group of horde. So instead of asking his friends to stop or helping us in any way, he sits on his hands like a loser watching his own faction get ganked by his buds.


VanaKOS Hatelist: "Impotent loser, anyone?"

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  1. The pirate cove is very possibly the ONLY place I engage in kill-on-sight World PvP. The mobs there tend to pull massive numbers of their brethren and I don't need some drooling Alliance huntard shooting me in the back while I'm dealing with a 5-pull. That said, I make a policy of not attacking Alliance while they have mobs on them (could result in durability loss and that's just not necessary). The high-level Alliance rogue really ought to have done SOMETHING in that situation, though. If he's friends with the horde that were attacking you, he ought to have been able to stop them by saying /no and two-shotting the next one that attacked you. But then, he IS Alliance and chivalry isn't their strong suit.


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