Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Come Join Me, or "Free Transfers to Zuluhed"

If you're horde and on one of the following PvP servers (Arthas, Burning Blade, Mannoroth, Mug'thol, Warsong), you can transfer for free to Zuluhed and apply to my guild! Especially anyone who plays with close friends or family, because that's what we're all about. (Alliance can transfer but is more likely to be killed by my guild. >_> Sorry!)

I'm the guild recruitment officer (read: recruitment princess), but we're stricting-up our applications by the end of next week, adding a required member recommendation for each applicant (meaning forming a relationship with someone in the guild, which readers of this blog wouldn't have much trouble with, as that person could be me).

My Guild: In Vino Veritas

The thing about our guild is that it's family-based. We went to Zuluhed to play with college friends and their friends, and then we brought our friends and our family and their friends.

Lately, we've been actively recruiting 70s for raiding so we can get to 25-man content, but now we're about to get our goal, we want to rein it back so as not to lose the cozy family feeling (which becomes more diluted with more random recruits). After the changes take effect, even BFFs of current members will have to fill out a formal application.

See, what most guilds want in their members is "show up on time, play well, don't make a fuss, contribute." We add onto that "thrive in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere." Heck, we even call everyone by their real first name. Hugely confusing for new members, but it's how we roll.

Anyone who might detract from that atmosphere will have a hard time getting in: even just someone who would play well in a team setting but who would care more about loot than someone else's day. We strive for major lootz, but it's not our end goal. Our end goal is to get those major lootz with the soul of the guild intact. It's a dual goal, one that's worth striving for. Because if you can't love and respect the people you play this game with... what's the point?

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