Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eye of the Storm, or "Fun to Pug, Fun to Premade"

Non-Gamer's Guide to This Post

Premade: When a group of people band together to enter a battleground as one strong, coordinated entity.


The Game

Eye of the Storm is a combination of Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin, wherein you capture and hold as many points as possible while capturing the flag in the middle as many times as possible. Held points give steady resources while flag captures give bonus resources per capture. Goes to 2000 resources.

The Gameplay

15 players.

You start on north and south sides of the map and head to one of four bases. Standing on the base slowly captures it (if two teams are on the base, the base responds to whomever has more players standing on it, so it is always in your team's best interest to fight on the point rather than on the road).

The alliance usually capture and hold Mage Tower (MT) and Draenei Ruins (DR), and the horde usually capture and hold Fel Reaver (FR) and Blood Elf Tower (BE).

In a game where alliance and horde hold equal resources, it can become a battle over the flag in the center, wherein the one to get more flag captures (and therefore bonus points) will win.

The best way to keep the other team off the flag is to keep enough people attacking their bases that they have to defend and you can keep grabbing the flag.

Some very strong teams insist on four-capping (capturing all four bases) because there is bonus honor involved at the end of the game if you four-cap. This is usually only viable when working with a premade against a weaker team.


Coordination and communication are key in this game. Some people make strategy macros to organize everyone at the very beginning. This is an example strategy:

Group 1 - Fel Reaver, then Mage Tower
Group 2 - Blood Elf, then Draenei Ruins
Group 3 - Draenei Ruins, then flag captures

The most important detail, though, is to always fight on the point you're attacking. If you outnumber them, you'll capture the point just by being there.



It's the most important PvP stat at 70.

The Morons

One of my guildmates formed a premade for EotS, and this guy joined after we queued. In raid chat, he kept begging for someone to help get him into our game: "which 1 r u in?" ... "GUYS!" So I whispered him to tell him which one to queue for and the following horrifying conversation ensued:

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