Sunday, February 17, 2008

Avoidance, or "How Do YOU Deal with Unwanted Requests?"

So I asked someone in my alliance guild (very small guild, no one else is ever on) to help me get the Lunar Festival patterns, since you need to be 50+. (The guild is called "PrettyPrettyPrincess" -- guess why I joined? ^_^)

The first person I asked in the guild said no, which is frustrating considering that, being a mage who can port them to the different cities, the entire thing would only take 10-20 minutes. And I was willing to pay 10g a pattern and the entire thing was causing me severe emotional distress (trying to grind 7 levels instead of taking care of my household and work).

So I asked No if they knew a Yes. He said he knew a Maybe and sent me off towards another person.

I in-game mailed Maybe, whose reply was promising. "Tell me what I'd have to do and I'll see if I can help." And a smiley face.

Now, when you toss a smiley face someone's way, it's like a handshake. It's a "I'm a nice person and will go out of my way to a certain extent to help you and tell you asap if I can't."

So Maybe hasn't logged back on since that smiley face 10 days ago, Lunar Festival ends next Saturday, and Maybe is a very very lucky person that I'm almost 48 and will hit 50 with no trouble. Because I think he/she's avoiding me, which would make me much more upset if I didn't hit 50 in time.

But this kind of thing is something I'd consider /gquiting over -- not people not being able to help me, or saying No, but just the "Oh, a guildmate needs help, let me avoid them like the plague."

I joined this guild partially to be left alone while leveling, but I'd assumed they had some sense of guild pride and/or manners. I'm disappointed to find out I was wrong. (A little "Yes, I've bothered to log on in a timely manner and see if I can help you" is all I'm asking for. Even just a note saying "I'm too busy washing my hair, so sorry!" would free me up to ask someone else.)


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