Sunday, February 17, 2008

Premade v. You, or "How Your Faction is Screwing You"

Non-Gamer's Guide to This Post

are little mini-games in Warcraft where a certain number of horde go up against the same number of alliance and both try to kill, maim, and beat the others. Each battleground has a different strategy.

A premade is a group of people from the same server who band together with fantastic coordination to dominate a battleground.


It started happening more and more, and I couldn't figure out why. You enter a battleground just as it starts, you only have three people on your team, and you're facing a full premade that swamps you with players.

It's not your fault and, honestly, it's not the premade's fault. The situation you're stepping into is where two premades faced off and one left. And you are filling in for a 10-15 man team that suddenly vacated for another, more promising battleground.

It's rude. It's spineless. And it puts anyone hoping to grind a little honor into an impossible situation. There is no winning. None. Not when you start a game undermanned and confused.

Premades who jump battlegrounds should be shot because the only people they screw over are the people who take their place. Their own faction. People who have fought side by side with these same players time and again.


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  1. Not sure about actually executing these individuals, but it IS rather irritating and I feel very uncomfortable doing it.

    A few things to consider (both pro and con):

    1) These games last a very short time, allowing you to move on to a (potentially) better game.

    2) These games yield very little honor and are often not worth the X minutes spent in the queue for the battleground to begin with.

    3) These games encourage the solo-player to group with other individuals to form their own pre-mades.

    4) Premade v. Premade is rare unless both sides feel confident of winning. This results in some amazing battles -- some of the best I've seen in the game -- and can be a HUGE adrenaline rush. It's more like real warfare: strategy v. strategy and army v. army.

    5) When another premade leaves when faced off against YOUR premade it can be both boring and mildly demoralizing (what honor is there in slaughtering the hapless players who find themselves in this impossible situation?).

    I think being able to jump battlegrounds is important (because of WSG, mainly) but wish that folks would play the game for more than just honor per hour.


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