Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Foot in Mouth, or "What to Say When You Want To..."

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... Stay Poor
("Void Sphere" is a gem, which you only really start to need at 70.)

... Get Rejected By a Guild
(That's "BOGGLE" in red. Didn't come out so well.)

... Alienate a Whole Server

... Encourage Your Arathi Basin Team

... Be Insensitive

... Embarrass Your Husband

... Astonish and Confuse a Woman Who Thought She'd Seen Everything

... Make Your Raid Leader Spit Tea (While Talking About Magus of "Chrono Trigger")

... Sound Dirty While Trying to Get Friends Their Epic Flying
(Not in screenshot: "I'm paying you just for saying it that way.")


  1. Very amusing. My favorite was the AV cheerleader!

  2. I'm a BIIIIIIIIG dork!!!

    Well, it's true.... sadly.

  3. ^_^ You aren't a dork, silly. /huggles


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