Thursday, February 21, 2008

Foot Up Butt, or "I'll Put Mine Up Yours, You Ninny"

What to say when you want to... insult someone's marital integrity.

Not only does this punk encourage me to lie to my husband, he taunts me for saying I never have.

Is it so hard to believe that couples exist who have never lied to one another? Is it so hard to believe in marital integrity? I was raised a God-fearing (translated: God-respecting/honoring) girl and deceit has never been part of my personality. I mean, I have failings. Plenty of them. But is it so hard to consider that lying might not be one of them?

I deeply admire sincerity in others and work very hard at being sincere and honest with others. And it's troubling to have some punk mouth off and make fun of me just because I won't join his stupid Zul'Farrak group.

I want to call his mother on him. That's honestly what I want to do.


  1. Agree with you 100%. I would've responded the same way you did. Unfortunately, if all a kid sees is stupid sitcoms and dramas (say, for example, his parents are divorced), then he DOES think those kind of shenanigans are "real life". It's sad, really.

  2. Next time just try "No thanks" and if they ask again say "No thank you" and if they ask AGAIN /ignore them. Least, that's what I do. Takes less time and effort.

    Either that or play dumb "huh??? wats zf?", "im alredy in a instince", eventually let them find out that by "instance" you mean "guild" and so on... also, "lol TROLLS!" would be a great addition... this can be more fun but takes longer.


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