Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Montage at 13, or "Look at pictures of Birdfall!"

Screenshots: You can take a screenshot in the game by hitting the [Print Scrn] key on your keyboard. Then go into your World of Warcraft folder on your computer and find the Screenshots folder. They'll be in .tba format, but I change mine to .png with Paint Shop Pro.

Level 12-13 Gallery

There will be other galleries and photo ops as things progress. I just thought these were pretty, especially with the sunsets. The in-flight pictures are me heading for Darkshore. Please excuse the down-the-vest one. I'm getting a shirt to go under it. (Birdfall just isn't that type of girl.)


For those of you who don't play Warcraft, here's what a regular in-game screenshot looks like:

The task bar at the bottom usually has my attack spells on it, but I have a secondary task bar that I use for job-related spells. You can see my open backpack to the right and the chat panel to the left. Mini-map in top right, and health/mana bar top left. If you look closely (or click on it to see it full size), the little bar above my taskbar is how much experience I have. When the blue at the beginning reaches the end, I'll level up.

The game is 3D and you can move, run, and jump pretty much anywhere. Monsters wander around and attack you if you get too close, and roads lead from town to town. Here I'm just hanging out on the shore, trying to work my fishing skill up.

Also, the time of day on the server clock (each server is in a different time zone) affects the lighting of the Warcraft world. Here, I was playing at sunset on the beach, and that's why you can see the setting sun behind me. A few hours earlier, though, it was high in the sky.

Two drawbacks to the game: 1) Monthly $15 fee. 2) Other people aren't always nice.

But if you can deal with those, it's an addictive game to play.

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