Thursday, February 8, 2007

Guild Interview, or "Rocking with the Very Pink 'Snugglebunnies of Doom'"

I'd been going on and on and on about pink tabards to my husband, so the other day when he was in Stormwind, he cried out, "I just saw someone with a pink tabard!"

I leaped out of my chair and ran over, demanding, "Who? Where? Show me!"

"They ran off," he replied.

"Follow them!" I screeched, gripping the back of his chair.

Instead, he opened the Social panel while I asked him questions like "How pink was it? Was it bright pink or soft pink? Because I like soft pink. What was the icon? What was the design?"

"It was pink. Just pink," he said, sounding harassed as he searched for her character level in the Who tab. He'd remembered her level, and he knew the name when he saw it.

"There," he said, pointing. "Her name is Frãye and she belongs to 'Snugglebunnies of Doom.'"

I instantly fell in love. If my loyalties weren't bound up with my friends and family, I'd drop my current guild like a hot potato and beg Frãye for an invitation. Instead, I just whispered her for an interview.

She was very cool about it, flying all the way to Auberdine in Darkshore to let me take some screenshots with her, which a lot of people probably wouldn't have had time for. When she got to the inn, there was a moment of confusion because she still seemed to be on her griffin (a glitch that is common and can be banished fairly easily). So I got my notes in order while she summoned her horse and put it away again, leaving only a very lovely level 50 warrior in very feminine clothes. (Oh, how I envy the pinkness.)

Birdfall: So did the guild name or design come first?
Frãye: The name did. It was actually the name of a guild my fiancee and I were in in Anarchy Online a couple of years ago. We just kind of resurrected it a couple of weeks ago in this game.

Birdfall: Why this tabard design?
Frãye: Because I thought the only appropriate tabard for the name would be a pink one. I was so happy they actually had a design that was a deranged rabbit.

Birdfall: Guild stats. How many members? Girls? How many do you want?
Frãye: Very few members, around ten or so, half of which are girls. It's kind of an anti-guild; we don't recruit, we don't tell people we raid or instance or pvp. It's just kind of a place to hang out with friends, have a funny name, and relax. Because of that we don't have aspirations of being a guild with a huge member list, because honestly, it would probably stop being fun.

Birdfall: What is your favorite aspect of running your own guild?
Frãye: Well, because it's just a guild of friends, it probably would have to be abusing the guildmaster function. We have one member that keeps perpetually getting promoted and demoted to ranks we make up, such as "duncecap" and "clown shoes." It keeps things light and humorous, especially since so many other guildmasters are preoccupied with getting the numbers up or preparing for raids.

Birdfall: What's the most frustrating aspect?
Frãye: Not really one, since we're just focused on being laid back and having fun. If people aren't having fun, they'll leave, and that's okay, because you should do whatever you need to to have a good time -- it is a game, after all. If I was consistently being frustrated, I'd probably stop having a guild.

Birdfall: Heh. ^_^ Do you think the girliness will affect how others see/treat your guild?
Frãye: Probably, but if it does, those are probably people I wouldn't want to play with anyhow. So far people have been pretty positive about the name and the tabard. They think it's funny, which it's supposed to be so that's good.

This was the end of my questions, and Frãye gamely agreed to take a photo op with me, blowing kisses and even dancing together.

In the end, I think "Snugglebunnies of Doom" would be a fun guild to join, and I hope they do well in the future. If my blog were more popular, I'd venture that they'd be getting a lot of new applicants very soon, but I think Frãye's concern about keeping the member numbers low won't be threatened too much by the publication of this interview. ^_^

But keep an eye out for Snugglebunnies if you're looking for someone to chat with or need a fifth in your party. They seem like a nice guild, and I'm sure they'd be tons of fun to team with.

Have a great . . . morning. ^_^; I stay up too late.


  1. I noticed last night on the SotC message boards that Fraye (who is a guy) and his companion applied for membership. There might not be a Snugglebunnies of Doom much longer. :(

  2. Ack. Poor Fraye. I called him a girl. But the character is a girl. So . . . Forgivable?


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