Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Annoying Zulox, or "Taurens are BIG!"

Non-Gamers' Guide to This Post

Camping: Killing a non-player character (NPC), then waiting for respawn so you can kill it again, and again, and again.
Quest Giver: There are certain NPC's that you have to talk to when you want to get or complete a quest. They have yellow exclamation points or question marks over their heads.
PVP: Player-vs-player. You can flag for pvp on a normal server and attack or be attacked by any other player flagged for pvp. PVP servers auto-flag you when you go into certain territories.


We were on Fenris horde for a while, and my husband and I played Taurens. (I think Tauren girls are so cute!) And we were in a little party with our new guild and trying to get this quest at the Crossroads so we could go into Wailing Caverns. But there was a group of PVP alliance killing all of the non-player characters, including our quest guy!

The main camper was Zulox, a shadow priest. Even though five horde players were standing around the remains of the quest-giver, waiting for him to respawn, Zulox would dance off, come back, and kill him as soon as he could. Though we got the quest done anyway by waiting for the respawn and doing our stuff as fast as possible, it was annoying that Zulox came and re-killed him every time.

Now, if you haven't played Warcraft, or if you just haven't seen a tauren male yet, here's a picture. Tauren males are bigger than EVERYONE else. Everyone. They're not just big, they're BIG.

So my husband decided to stand on Zulox. (In game, there's nothing to keep one character from passing through another like air.) Zulox got swallowed by my husband's bulk, and ran around trying to get out, but my husband just followed him, standing on him and, occasionally, hugging him. When Zulox got on his mount to avoid this, my husband (a shaman) became a ghost wolf and just kept jumping on him. And hugging him.

When I was done with my quest stuff, we left, but I got to glimpse my husband's computer while he annoyed the shadow priest, and it was funny. The guy was desperate to get away, and I know my husband still considers that his best Warcraft moment ever. Thwarting Zulox.

Now, I told you the guy's name and realm, which I normally don't do, for a reason. If you happen to see him on Fenris, I'm not going to encourage you to give him a /hug or a /cuddle. Because I might get in trouble if I did that. But I will say that he just might appreciate it. You never know. Some people like hugs.

(As a side note, if I could make my own horde guild, it'd be "Hugs for Horde." Totally.)

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