Sunday, February 11, 2007

Love and Kittens, or "Further Adventures in Pinkness"

So the other day I saw another guild with a pink tabard called "Love and Kittens." One of its male members was getting down in nothing but his tabard while drinking Warcraft booze. Alongside him was a female character (played by a guy, maybe?) that somebody paid to dance in nothing but a pink shirt.

So if you're wondering why I didn't ask to interview "Love and Kittens," that'd be why.

In other news, my amazing sister-in-law just sent my priest (a tailor) the recipe for how to make pink shirts. Only problem is that the recipe requires 235 skill and my tailor is at 125.

15x Mageweave Cloth (or) 3x Mageweave Bolt


Have YOU seen anything pink on your realm? Does your guild have a pink tabard? Reply to this post and tell your story.


  1. Pink tabard and pink mageweave shirt? That is the way to go. Our guild on eu bloodscalp has a pink tabard and a very pink webpage: Dread
    If you check the webpage, I am Modir, the druid with the awesome hat and the only girl in the guild :)

  2. Your guild is FANTASTIC. ^_^ And horde side, too! Now if only I could insinuate pink thoughts into *my* guild . . .

    "Pink . . . you want piiiiink . . ."


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