Monday, February 26, 2007

Prank, or "Attack of the Clones"

To explain this properly, I have to tell you that my blood elf is named Dustfire and that I play horde on a different realm with a large amount of friends.

Well, after the Ïmpŗŏvίŝέ post, Thesden and Latoria decided it would be fun to play a trick on me. Now, they'd decided not to play with us Saturday evening, but I had told them we would be outside Ragefire Chasm in case they changed their minds.

They didn't, but they did decide to pop on for a short amount of time to mess with my head.

Imagine my surprise when I ran into an exact duplicate of me named Düstfirë. Same face, hair, earrings, skin. Same class. But she was level 1, and I was level 13.

I whispered "Do we know each other?" to find out if it was a prank. It was definitely something Thesden would do. But there was a random troll woman I'd never seen before who seemed to be hanging out with this Düstfirë, which is what really threw me.

But the troll woman was just admiring the joke, because a moment later, up came Düstfiré, an exact duplicate of Düstfirë -- and, obviously, of me.

"We should start a guild," said one of them. I couldn't tell the difference until I started paying attention to the last letter in their names. "'Attack of the Dustfire Clones.'" They picked their noses in unison and the mystery deepened. Which was Thesden and which was Latoria?

Anyway, they started dancing, and I threw up my hands and joined in. When in Orgrimmar . . .

As a side note and addendum to the Ïmpŗŏvίŝέ post, I ran into the following three names in the course of that same evening: Høly, Touchmydreads, and Misfitt. These are conclusive proof of tricks 1-3, in order.

It makes me so happy when I'm proven right.


  1. I'm so glad you took this well-- it was so funny and so worth the long run to get level 1s there. I died three times going the wrong way. ^_^* Against level 4's. I felt so pitiful. I still have my clone, I thought maybe my tailor could make us all matching dresses and we could make a display of ourselves in one of the bigger cities. :-D

  2. That would be awesome. ^_^ You make me giggle.


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