Thursday, July 16, 2009

Engineering Pets 2.0, or "Who Needs Inscription, Anyway?"

First Step -- Free up a profession slot.

Second Step -- Learn engineering.

Third Step -- Farm pets.
(Your engineering skill does not affect pet drops! I have 1 skill point and got both on my first run.)

  • Go to Gnomeregan in Dun Morogh. There's a shortcut from Booty Bay for horde.
  • Once entering the underground tunnels, at the end of the ramp when you have a choice, go west. You'll find the instance entrance.
  • If you have the Back Door Key, go north instead of west. In the Train Depot, enter the northern corridor and the back door is right there when you turn left. It will dump you into the southernmost part of the instance, and you can get to Thermaplugg by starting at the end of my second list of directions and going backward. Or just bear northwest. Whichever works.
  • First chamber is the Hall of Gears. Get down to the bottom (levitate or use ramps in southern offshoots).
  • Enter the western corridor. It'll go on for a while. You'll enter another circular room: Launch Bay. (Recommended: Kill boss on platform in center of room for Gnomer's back door key.)
  • Look for Peacekeeper Security Suits around the ring and down in the bottom. Kill and loot for Lil Smoky Schematic.
  • Jump down. Head south into another corridor. Kill Arcane Nullifiers as you go. They also drop Lil Smoky Schematic.
  • At the end, you'll see a door marked "Final Chamber." Open. Enter.
  • You'll see Mekgineer Thermaplugg behind a small crowd of mobs. Kill him. Hope he drops Bombling Schematic.
By this point, you ought to have both schematics. If you don't have Bombling, get out of the instance and reset it. You have to do Thermaplugg again (but this time you have the back door key).

If you don't have Lil Smoky:
  • Starting from Thermaplugg's room.
  • Go back down the main corridor you just came up. You'll see a small offshoot corridor on your right at the southeastern bend.
  • At the end is the Engineering Labs and an elevator. Take the elevator. (Note: If you keep going straight, you'll hit the back door.)
  • Instead of going straight at the top of the elevator, take one of the turns. Either will take you around the upper level to the boss: Crowd Pummeler 9-60. He has a chance to drop Lil Smoky Schematic.
Still no dice? Go out the back entrance, reset, and try again.

Fourth Step -- Level engineering to 205 to craft pets.
(If you collect mounts, consider leveling Eng to 375 for the BOP flying mounts while you have the profession. While expensive, the hardcore collectors should definitely consider it.)

I have an incomplete engineering guide, but you can google search for "engineering wow guide" and get some great ones.

1.0 was back when you couldn't get both pets and had to go through your engineering specialization.


  1. Are you going to switch professions again after? I'm just curious about whether people consider engineering a worthwhile profession now... (I chose to keep it on my druid since it's got that awesome SP cloak enchant and we need someone to engineer the bosses in Uld)


    There is a theory that they are going to make it easier to switch or relevel a profession. Maybe you should wait and see what's coming for 3.2, if there's something coming in that direction.

  3. I just did this a couple weeks ago on my 80. As a wow-life-long hordie, this was the first time I had set foot in Gnomergan, and I'm never going back. I thought WC could be confusing to get through!

  4. Um... I'm really not the best to ask for profession advice. As for what I myself plan, I'll get a non-Engineering professsion when a second I like comes around. Until then, I'll try and get the mounts just because it'd be silly to re-level later if I decide I want them for my mount count.

    I love my Tailoring (the one I didn't change) simply for the bags. I spend a lot of time collecting bag patterns and spinning nice cloth and I find it kind of fun. :)

    So I guess my advice is... keep the professions you enjoy. Even if others are more beneficial stat-wise, what's the point if you can't have fun with them?

  5. Just talked to husband and worked out a plan I think I really like. Dusty used to be mining/tailoring (mining just for money) and now Plum is herbing/mining. But I'm rarely on Plum and she never mines anything.

    PLUS I keep having to get my random green drops sent out to be disenchanted.

    So this is my plan: go back to mining on Dust and learn enchanting on Plum.

    It'll be fun, convenient, and solve one of my biggest problems (having to rely on other people for my disenchanting). Because when I say I send stuff out to be disenchanted, I mean I send a LOT of stuff. Often. It overwhelms some people.

    I've worked on leveling enchanting on an alliance character, so I know how slow it can be, but I'm actually not worried about the cost or slowness. :)


  6. Hehe yeah I just started enchanting and tailoring on my baby priest. She's level 9 now, and the thing that really excites me is that she'll be a dwarf on a flying carpet come outlands!! XD Whatever motivates you, right?

    I was going to drop engi on my hunter since I'm leveling it on my druid, but the more I think about it, the more I'm thinking of just keeping engi on both. I really enjoy tinkering. The one I'm not enjoying (and has done nothing but cost me massive amounts of gold) is jewelcrafting. I just can't decide what other profession I should take on my hunter... I spent soooooo much time leveling the damn thing too >_<

    Meh, we'll see. Status quo for now. ;o) Good for you that you've found a plan that works for you tho, Birdie!

  7. I enjoy having enchanting on my Paladin if only because I get to DE all my old gear... and with 5 different gear sets (PvE Holy, PvP Holy, PvE Ret, PvP Ret, PvE Prot) I get frequent upgrades and end up sharding the old pieces. It's good for the ring enchants too, but isn't the most cost-effective to level.

    My professions are Enchanting/Inscription on the Paladin because I wanted to max out my stats for my main character. Herbing/Alchemy for the Warlock (been this since I rolled him pre-TBC) and Mining/Jewelcrafting for the Mage since it allows for the most customization of stats (+Haste isn't an option for ring or shoulder enchants).

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  9. Patricia was just spamming for her web page, Birdi. -.-

    Just search for:
    "I recently came across your blog and have been reading along."
    in google to know what I mean.

    But, hey, there are people who really like your blog, so don't mind. :-)

  10. Oh, sad! :*( I like dogs, though. *debates whether to trash*

  11. I prefer cats. :-(

    And crocolisks...! If I only would get the fourth one... I'm getting bored of traveling to shatt every day to check the fishing daily... after 2 years of tbc...

    Can you actually summon the engineering mounts if you drop engineering later? Or do they require engineering to summon? (Not that it matters, because who want such a thing if you can ride a dragon. :-)

  12. XD I prefer cats too. (Dogs are nice, and I DO like them, but they don't bury things like cats do and they're louder on average.) Kittens do to me what babies do to many women. They turn me into a gooey pile of giggling baby-talking mush.

    I would have to test to see about the engineering mounts, but off the top of my head I would think you couldn't summon them without the profession.

  13. (PS - Don't make me break out the kitty pictures. I'll do it! *waves photo array of my cat around*)

  14. You happen to have a picture of your cat?

  15. I snuck him into the Pink Hippogryph post:

    But I can sneak him in elsewhere too. XD

  16. I expected a kitty, not a tiger. :-)


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