Friday, February 23, 2007

Naming, or "What I Want is Taken, So I'll Ïmpŗŏvίŝέ"

In general, it's really hard to name your characters because a lot of the best names are taken (and names can't be repeated). Fortunately for everyone, there are a few easy ways to get around this.

Trick 1: Replace certain vowels or letters with a tricked-out counterpart from another language. (Example: Ïmpŗŏvίŝέ)

Trick 2: Pick a name that isn't actually a name. (Examples: Ikillhorde, Imterrific, Hotnightelf, Killerdwarf, Maneatingtiger)

Trick 3: Add an extra letter to the beginning or end of a name. (Examples: Ssteve, Xxmoonlightxx, Ddurr)

Trick 4: Pick a name that nobody else would ever want ever. (Example: Dungpoop)

Trick 5: All of the above. (Example: Ïέatdungpŏŏpp)

Now, some of the things people come up with can be pretty creative and funny, like the screenshot I took of Huntyou, who belongs to The Lustful Knights. That just fits.

But what really gets to me is when I see someone with a name like Dungpoop at level 65. Making a character with a dumb name like that and running it for a few levels before the joke wears out is one thing. But taking it all the way to 70? What are these people thinking?! I mean, I guess they're 8 years old or something, for it to last so long. But why isn't their mother coming in and giving them that look parents get -- you know the look. The one that makes you pick up all of your toys even though they haven't said a single word.

I really just want Blizzard to ban all of the characters with misspelled or dumb names. That, or go in and change it to something reasonable.

I, for one, refuse to group with anyone with a bodily function in their name. Thank you very much.


  1. LOL - oh Birdfall, you make my belly hurt with laughter! :-D Baby name websites for unique or old fashioned baby names are a GREAT source for character names. I got Latoria off one of those. Also- try a "name generating" site. I LOVE your last line- but bodily functions haven't been a big one for me... I avoid anyone with "pwn" in their name. It's like dwarves... it's just best not to get too close. ;-)

  2. I'm betting that they turn off the "show my name above my head" option.

  3. Names like "Ikillyou" actually aren't allowed, according to the naming guidelines outlined in the terms and conditions.

  4. /agree Tennille

    The Bliz naming policy specifically states that 3-word phrases are not allowable "names." Furthermore, anyone will an ounce of respect for the genre shouldn't name their toons by simply smashing the words blood, kill, death, black, evil, etc. together. Game mechanics names are equally thoughtless.

  5. I know a fellow who made a lock called Faecalhair. Now level 80. Its gross when u think about it but he is Undead so I guess it works. :D

  6. Also when i started out naming my first ever toon I thought "oh how does this sound to me?. Niceuwyn" My intention was "Nick Owin" (phoenetically), but how the name sounds to others or is read out in Vent is not quite what I intended, "Nice", or often "umm how do i say this?" Now when I take the time to make a toon, I write out the name, and then think from the perspective of others, "what will be my nickname from this toon". For Example: "Smellyn" will likely be "hey smelly". Sometimes I throw up some random word/name generators from the net, then rearrange some letters and see how they come out.


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