Sunday, May 2, 2010

>_>, or "Yes, I've Done My Orphan Quests Already... On Two Characters"

Birdy and Dusty now have 2 more pets each. I've done the Azeroth and Outlands quest lines (note that the Northrend quest line has not respawned, either intentionally or due to a bug that will not be fixed this year).

See, I dreamed that I had to pee. Then I woke up and did have to pee, so I went to the bathroom and found we had a problem with our toilet. I then woke up husband who called maintenance and long story short I've been up and playing since 5AM while husband has run around getting the toilet fixed. (GOD, I love having him around.)

So it's not even 9AM on the first day of the holiday and I have all my orphans done for the week.

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