Thursday, May 20, 2010

Models, or "My Husband is a Sweetie"

So my husband is changing his tauren shaman to a female orc because he hates that he can't see past his tauren. I tried to talk him into changing to a goblin far into Cataclysm, but for some reason he doesn't want a goblin (even though he'd love to have a gnome).

He really loves his new model -- he's race changed two characters to it. I created her for him in WoW Model Viewer last year when he decided he wanted to change his undead warrior to a female orc. Not a month into playing the first version of her, he told me he loved her and would have gotten sick of a paler skin or different face.

He now has all three of his mains and one warlock alt of this exact same model:

Whereas I would hyperventilate if all my characters looked the same.

So you see, the creative wife can be a boon to her stats-loving husband, just as he's a boon to her. I help him with names and designs that he won't get tired of and he gives me gear, spec, and rotation advice.

Which brings me to today's anecdote. Husband didn't have an open character slot to decide on a new name for his shaman-turned-orc, so he asked to test names on one of my open slots to see what was available. I handed him my authenticator and said "My stable is full, but you can delete Sidhe. She was just an attempt at a goblin name." He logged on and asked, "I'm supposed to delete Dustfire, right?"

I turned and glared. "I will kill you."

He cackled. "Sidhe?"


As he tried new names, he said, "I would never actually delete one of your characters. Even if we got divorced. Even if you went insane, killed our cats, and got put in jail. Even if I hated you. That would just be wrong."

I smiled at him. "Agreed."


  1. That was my hunter's model, I got so tired of seeing me almost everywhere (Blizz has a crap ton of NPCs with the same look) so I gave her more of a biker chick look once I got her a hog. I really wish there were more usable hairstyle choices for the orc female.

    My husband and I share an account and even if he were to get a new account and only transfer some of his toons over I don't think I could bring myself to delete any of the remainders. It would be just wrong.

  2. I did a huntress like that too! I hate her voice and sounds, but I like her curves, she is more like me :)

  3. Gogo new Shaman! You can fit through doors and your shoulders look balanced on your character again. Wootskies!

    I'm potentially going to end up turning my Warlock into a Goblin once I've had a chance to play around with designs. I'm very picky about my character designs and while I love Manasseh the Undead Warlock, I'm super-excited by the idea of a suave, sassy, dark-magic-dealing Goblin.

  4. That would be super-awesome, Jon. Male goblin?

    I'm still trying to decide if my goblin should be a hunter or a class I already have and enjoy.


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