Thursday, May 13, 2010

100th Mount, or "Gold Helps... a Lot"

I bought irl or received help to grind about 6 of my 100 mounts (see my collection). The rest I got on my own, per my guide. Instead of buying or grinding those 6, I could have gotten any combination of the following: 3 more Argent mounts, 1 Time-Lost Drake, 1 motorcycle, 1 Oracles drop, 4 holiday mounts, 1 Oculus drop, tailoring, or engineering.

Thus, this is not impossible to solo, and I've proven it. Birdfall has 1 other player to force to do stuff (husband), and she only got his help with the Ahn'Qiraj grind. She did almost all of this in level 80 5-man heroic gear and 1 fancy emblem cape.

You can do this.

I'm going to continue grinding mounts for Cataclysm in case they give us a new "Get more mounts for this achievement!" thing. It's not like I have anything better to do until the expansion. *shrug*

The outfit above is one of my RP sets.

The swords and cloak are from Baron Rivendare. The belt is off one of the Stratholme mini-bosses that you have to kill anyway to get to Rivendare.

The pants are Starfire Trousers, easily found on the AH.

The chest is a lowbie Alliance quest in Dun Morogh, made long-sleeved by a tailoring shirt.

The boots are simple Recruit's Boots, buyable inside Old Hillsbrad Foothills or swipe-able from level 1 human, dwarf, and gnome warriors.


  1. Ah, but did you solo the level 80 5-man heroic dungeons? *grin*

  2. If you've ever pugged before, then you know the answer to that is most likely "yes".

  3. *laugh* Acknowledged hit.

    Ty K. :)

  4. Congratulations! I had stalled at around 70 mounts and you have been an inspiration to push on. 76 and counting!

  5. Yeah, I seem to be stalled at 89-ish myself.

    Ah, and I forgot the important bit: Congratulations! I adore your blue dragonhawk.

  6. That is an awesome picture!

  7. Congrats, it's beautiful!

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  9. Running the Pally charger quest, not because I don't already have a charger, but because just buying one always made me feel a little guilty. Still, the quest chain is a pain. I ask myself why I'm doing it.

    While in Strath, getting the holy water, I think I might as well run over and drop the Baron, for old times sake (stopped trying to get the Deathcharger a while ago.) Yep, the reins dropped.

    And that's why I was doing the pally quest I didn't need to do, I guess. Sometimes, when you love up the game, it loves you right back.

    Onward to 100!


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