Saturday, May 8, 2010

Preview Cataclysm Part 2, or "I Love Goblins Now"

*gape* I cannot not make a Goblin now. She's SO FREAKING CUTE! But what would I do with her? O.O This also makes me wonder -- these skins are really detailed. Do you think that Blizz will offer players new skins for current races? Perhaps not by taking away old skins but just by adding new options and maybe even making them available at the barber shop? (Though if they did replace the old skins, it would seem sensible to just make those skins more detailed instead of utterly changing them.) It seems cruel to make the new races so detailed and do nothing to tempt people to stay with the old ones.

Fox! I betcha it's the goblin pet as there are 4 versions, just as there are 4 of the mastiff.

New kodo models! There's another one, less epic, and a goblin car which I didn't care much about so didn't post it. Again, I don't know if these are new items or new models of old items.

Doggie! This is the worgen pet, a mastiff. Very nice for people who've wanted proper dogs. :D


  1. The kodo and the elekk updates are for tauren and draenei paladins. xD They may update the other kodos/elekks tho. I sure hope so. And. WTB WORGEN <3333

  2. I think the main reason the new models (worgen and goblin) look so detailed is that they have a much higher polygon count than existing playable characters. If they were to simply up the polygons, a lot of the "flat" look of the old races would go away. (You can also see the difference when comparing draenei/blood elf and older races.) Of course some race/gender combos need more work - troll females are notoriously bad, for example.

    I'm extremely excited about the changes. I'm hoping some of the new hairstyles will be available to the other races - my night elf would look fantastic with the spiky ponytail of the female worgen in that video on xD

  3. very nice model. i am trying to model them too. check my blog


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