Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Worgen Females, or "You See How I'm Resisting the Urge to Type This in All Caps?"

This is a twofold photo of awesome.
  1. Worgen female.
  2. She's in a pretty dress.
Look at the detail on that dress! Wowza. This makes me very happy because it implies that we'll get more detailed cloth clothing (dresses) in the future.

Now look at the rest of the worgenettes. :)



  1. I saw this on MMO-Champ today and immediately had to check your blog to see your response lol. I'm excited!

  2. so it's settled that all of my characters are becoming worgen.

  3. Can't wait to make a female worgen. I hope this "work in progress" doesn't change too much!

  4. Needs better hair, or hair please.

  5. Hair for these was leaked on MMO-Champion but they had to take it down. I can assure you it was amazing. You can see one style in the second video here, but I remember a shoulder-length style with large soft curls that is just amazing.

  6. Oh, wait, look! I found the hairstyles! plopped them on some fake Worgen female models.

    (Bad language warning on the image.)

    See image here.

    The curls are second row, next to last. They look cuter from the side, I think.

  7. Oh my god, so many cute hair styles!!! Eeeeeeh!!!! I can't choose just one! I'll have to start making alts on a brand new server!

  8. Take a look here this is a clip from Worgen Female Char creation you can see some styles here.

  9. Oh my God these female worgens! With the first hairstyle (braid over shoulder) it's the top #1 cutie in the game! Sorry draeneis, you're second best since now.


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