Monday, May 10, 2010

Irritating, or "What The...."

I do the Argent dailies every day. I have 3 mounts left there. I can't solo Chillmaw, so instead I do the heroic which gets me 3 extra seals. I have no problem with this.

I get a whisper while gathering quests. "Are you doing Chillmaw?"

Eager to get 2 more seals than usual, I say, "I can be. Invite."

No reply.

I wait a minute, then say, "Invite?"

Wait more . . .


Deadly Boss Mods informs me he's busy fighting in Azjol-Nerub.

He whispered me about Chillmaw either while in an instance, OR he took an instance queue right after inviting me to do a quest. And then he refused to acknowledge my whispers.

What the hell?!

I eventually decided to put him on Ignore, as I was too annoyed to not chastise him if he finally deigned to whisper me back.

I can go back to being perfectly content with my Chillmawless grind. I don't need 2 seals that badly.

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  1. I've had this (or something like it) happen two or three times now.

    The worst for me was when I needed some item made for a Loremaster quest. (I forget what, exactly, but not the gun in Ashenvale.)

    I ask in Trade if someone can make it for me and get an immediate response. I check his location -- he is in Dalaran. I'm in Thunder Bluff, so he tells me he will come to me.

    Minutes pass. I check his location again. He's in Ulduar. Err ... What? So I ping him and he says "I'll be right there." Minutes pass ... I ping again. "We just need to kill this boss, then I'll be there."

    So I tell him no thank you, I'm good after all, and ask in Trade again. The Tauren standing *right next to me* says, "I'll do it!" I gave her a big tip. *grin*


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