Friday, April 30, 2010

Children's Week 2010, or "Preparation, Preparation, Preparation"

I will be trimming the older posts to reflect updated information for this year, so if you want achievements and all that, use the links provided.
This post will be about preparing to take advantage of opportunities.

Auction House
Small Eggs are easy for low levels to farm, and cooks should be able to make Cake and Cupcakes. If you have Northern Eggs stocked up, next week is a good time to sell them for hugely inflated prices.


I'm working on this for Plum, so I'm very interested in knowing which achievements will be easier to complete this week. I won't include the "easy" achievements that you'll get by running the bg often.

  • Return 5 flags in 1 game.
  • Carry and capture the flag 3 times without dying in 1 game.
  • Kill 2 flag carriers before they leave the room in 1 game.
  • Grab the flag and capture it in under 75 seconds.
  • Kill the enemy flag carrier in their own flag room while their flag is at their base.
  • Defend 3 bases in 1 game.
  • 5 honorable kills at each base in 1 game.
  • In 1 match, assault 2 bases and defend 2 bases.
  • Kill 5 flag carriers in 1 game.
  • Capture the flag 3 times without dying.
  • Get a killing blow while under Beserker Buff (the red-gold chest at spawn points).
  • In a single AV, assault a graveyard and tower, defend a graveyard and tower, and kill someone in the Field of Strife.
  • Win without losing a tower or captain.
  • Win in 6 minutes.
  • Kill 50 players in the boss's chamber (Drek/Vann).


  1. Any idea on where to farm the northern eggs? I've been working on the Goretalon Rocs in Sholazar but the drop seems to be really inconsistent on them.


    ^ List of what drops them. I haven't tried farming them so couldn't tell you which is best.


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