Friday, April 2, 2010

Rant, or "When You Can't Escape"

This is a rant. This is venting. This will be neither logical nor happy.

I get husband to do heroics with me, he's a healer, he's awesome, his gear is a little on the low side, but s'okay. We get stuff done.

I start asking for achievements for the Red Proto Drake meta, just collecting 5-man heroic achievements when and where we can, and for the most part people are willing to try and if we can't do it we say so and do stuff the normal way.

We get a couple solid achievements done, all of the ones in Drak'tharon Keep, and then joy of joys! We get into OCULUS! A random Oculus!! It has a MOUNT CHANCE! Add to my collection, GO!

I'm super-excited even though the tank and dps drop group immediately, and we wait for another tank and dps and it's cool, everything's good, because we're in OCULUS! Wheeeee!

During the first couple pulls, husband and I both ask to do Amber Void because it's the easiest of the voids but no one replies.

When we finish the first boss and get to the dragons, one of the other guys goes "So no amber drakes?"

And I'm like "Right! Thanks!"

Except the tank goes "I'm good on the amber drake."

I say "Okay, maybe we can do one of the other voids" and link them. But everyone has flown off, so I say "Well, okay, get a red."

The tank gets his amber drake.

"Seriously? You won't even try it?"

No response. From anyone. Except husband, out loud, who is as annoyed as I am but urges me to come on and we'll do the voids another time.

I sigh, angry that this moron idiot jackass is such a moron idiot jackass. How hard is it to learn a different color drake? THERE ARE THREE FREAKING BUTTONS!!!

I try to overlook it and continue the instance, though I'm fuming and have decided to put him on ignore afterward so that I never have to look at his stupid squid face again.

We take care of a few pulls and the tank says "Hold on, I need to repair my boots."

I immediately mount on my Traveler's Tundra Mammoth with its vendors and say "Come here," but he's already in Wintergrasp.

I tell him "Come back in and come here. I have a repair thing."

He says nothing.

"Now. Get back in here. This is faster."


"Please. Please come back. I have a repair vendor. It's faster."

Nothing. A minute of waiting later, he returns and says "Ready?"

I want to STRANGLE him. At this point, if there wasn't the lure of a potential mount in the sack at the end, we would have left. I desperately wanted to. I started trying to vote kick him like crazy and managed to get the vote off but it failed. I DID NOT want to continue with that little moron.

He's continually last to reach pulls and always asks if people are ready even though we've been there waiting for him. I tell him "If the healer's mana is full, you don't have to ask. Just pull." He ignores me and keeps doing it, so I start pulling for him (with Tricks of the Trade). I Tricks a boss and husband says "Thank you" because the tank was taking forever.

So we get to the end, everyone dies but 2 people (including the moron tank) and I say "Just die. It's a wipe." Three of us are running back.

Before I could get back in, and I'm in front, they down the boss. Out loud, I say "Bastard!" and growl.

"Seriously?" I say in party chat. "I don't even know if we get loot now because we were running." And I go off. I'd kept my mouth shut to avoid being kicked until then, but since I didn't have anything to lose at that point, I told them the only reason I stayed with that idiot tank who "irritated me at every turn" was to get the cache with the mount at the end, and now I wasn't even sure I'd get it.

The poor dps probably thought I was angry at him, because he got the boss down, but I wasn't. I was angry that I had to play with that tank because Oculus is something I don't drop from (since it's so hard for me to get into one randomly).

I did get the cache because they didn't open the chest until we were inside, so that's a bonus. I was seriously freaking out over it.

My final words were "Ignoring [tank] forever. ARGH!"

Not my best moments, but I still hate that tank. HATE. I ignored him immediately after leaving and I think maybe next time even Oculus isn't worth dealing with that kind of frustration. He just kept getting on my nerves even after the first thing. Husband thinks he was a kid with no social skills.

All in all, my life would have been much easier if one of the other two dps had voted to kick him. Yeah, it would've been a wait for a new tank, but they wouldn't have had to deal with my freakout at the end. Some people might say I should have dropped, but don't. Seriously. I'm way too angry to be rational about this.

And that's my story. Drama always entertains, though, right?


  1. Oh LORD. Occulus is a pain in the ass. Another problem dungeon? Halls of Reflection or Forge of Souls.

    Forge of Souls is easy-peasy. But I spent five straight weeks doing a specific dungeon group for the Spellsword that drops off heroic. I finally got it, and now I want the offhand from HoR Heroic. So I queue for that and we go through the whole thing.

    Only to have the Holy Priest roll need on the Shriveled Heart. >.>

    He rolled a 96 to my paltry 42. I was irritable as he posts in party saying how he's finally replacing some other Epic offhand, whereas I don't even HAVE an offhand.

    I had been DPSing the whole thing with no offhand and Seethe, as a subtle hint that I might have needed the Shriveled Heart.

    When I said, "I don't even have an offhand. I NEEDED that.", He replies with, "So?"

    So in short, I know how you feel.

  2. Yeah, it's totally not just you, that instance is h-e-double hockey sticks. Even with a group that knows what they're doing. I'd offer to tank it for you some time, but of course, I'm in the wrong battlegroup for that. Darned Blizzard has too many servers! :)

  3. Maybe this funny lore parody will brighten your day a bit. It's not directly related to your story but it's an interesting insight into the weird behaviour of most PuG tanks these days. It's taken from the infamous Culling of Stratholme intro :)

    Tank: Glad you could make it, dps...
    DPS: Watch your tone with me, boy. You may be the tank, but I'm still your superior at AoE.
    Tank: As if I could forget. Listen dps, there's something about the dungeon you should know.
    Tank: We're going to do this as fast as I want, we'll skip bosses just so I can get my frosties and there's nothing going to stop me.
    Dps: What?!
    Tank: This entire run is under MY control.
    DPS: How can you even consider that? There's *got* to be some other way.
    Tank: Damn it, dps! As your tank, I demand you to do as I command!
    DPS: You are *not* my boss, boy. Nor would I skip even if you were.
    Tank: Then I must consider this a reason to votekick you.
    DPS: Votekick?! Have you lost your mind, tank?
    Tank: Have I? Dps, by my right of rarity and the special snowflake syndrome, I hereby relieve you of your slot, and suspend your fellow dps from any use.
    Healer: Tank! You can't just--
    Tank: It's done! Those of you who have the will to do as I demand, follow me. The rest of you... get out of my sight.
    Dps: [some dps leave] You've just crossed a terrible threshold, Tank.
    [Dps leaves as well.]
    Tank: [Healer begins leaving.] Heals?
    Healer: I'm sorry, Tank. I can't watch you do this...

  4. Jiriki, that was made of win right there.

  5. I know this guy - he's a tank and stuff. He carries a BIGGG shield and a HUUUUUUUGE health pool and /loves dusty - so if umm err ahh you need help n stuff RAWR. He's not so good with them word stuffs.

  6. Alas, this guy was Alliance. :*( Julie is the only ally tank I know and she stopped playing until the xpac.

  7. At the moment I run the daily heroic on my paladin, dk and warrior tank (all alts) each day (I enjoy it, actually). But I have to admit that I won't agree to do any achievement with a high chance on wiping on any of my alts. Or any annoying achievement. Because I don't need achievements on my alts. I'm there for my 2 frosts and a clean run. But I haven't seen anyone demanding or asking for achievements in my battlegroup. There is a lot of "LFM [This Achievement]" in /trade.

    Oculus has a high chance of wiping on the last boss even with the default emerald/ruby/3 amber setup. I "might" agree to do the amber void but definitly not an emerald or ruby void.

    We just have to accept that someone might like to do an achievement and would be willing to wipe for an hour, another person would be willing to try it once and the third person just wants his 2 frosts before watching a movie and would like to log in 20 minutes. Nothing is wrong but when I use the LFD I see it as signing up for the following: "A clean and as fast and secure as possible run of a random dungeon with all bosses unless everyone in the group agrees to skip a boss.". My personal goal is to finish the dungeon with all bosses in under 15 minutes with 0 death, no matter how stupid the dps play. (Can't be done for HoS, HoR, Oculus and probably more.)

    I've left Oculus at the start when I'm not in the mood for Oculus. It's a game and nothing is going to force me to play it if I don't like it. You'll get a replacement immediately, you'll be fine. Once I had a group where all the 4 others took embers and after I asked someone to take an emerald they said "it's ok, you don't need an emerald". I dropped group because I wasn't in the mood to do it the hard way. They'll be fine, they'll get a replacement immediately.

    You can't be kicked after the last boss is down. (That's actually bad if someone reloggs without dropping group and you would like to do another heroic with someone from another realm. You can't queue with an offline member, you can't kick him for being offline because the last boss is down and you can't create a new group x-realm).

    A GM will give you your cache if you couldn't loot it. A blue post confirmed that on the forum. (The question was from someone who couldn't loot the chest because a dickhead opened the chest and went afk to purposely prevent the others from looting the bag.)

  8. There's a difference, though. You would choose not to do an achievement and give a valid reason -- such as "I don't think we'll be able to do it" or even "I'm not really in the mood to try." This guy chose to ignore everyone and do his own thing because he didn't care about other people.

    The first is disappointing to the people who want achievements, but you can still maintain mutual respect. It's not that big a deal. The second, however, is lazy, stupid, and selfish.

    The guy on my run didn't even bother trying to communicate. The impression I got was that he'd only played amber before and didn't care to try a new color. No arguing, no disagreement with the plan, just this one guy who wanted amber, so he got amber. He also didn't say anything when I told him to come back and repair in the instance. Just stayed out and did his own thing. Also didn't say anything when I started Tricksing things. Didn't say anything when I went off on everyone at the end. The entire thing gave me the impression of an insensitive jerk who just did not care about anyone but himself. Not even enough to talk.

  9. I know what you mean. There are people who just ignore you, for no real reason. They just do their thing and treat you like an NPC.

    Most often this is seen from DD player who follow the "keep your mouth shut, don't annoy the tank, don't annoy the healer, don't get kicked" mantra. I don't think that's the reason with tanks who don't interact with other group members.

    In my battlegroup everyone "always" takes the drake of his role. DD take amber, healer takes emerald, tank takes ruby. In an earlier Oculus run we also ended up with 4 amber and a ruby (mine). As soon as I noticed I told them that we need an emerald drake. No response. I told them again that we need an emerald drake. One of the DD spoke up and said he would prefer to ride an amber. At least something. I then offered to ride the emerald myself if someone would take the ruby. No reaction. I asked if someone has a solution to our problem. A shaman DD said that he would be willing to ride the ruby. So we switched.

    That's when the healer said that he wasn't in Oculus for a long time and wouldn't feel comfortable to ride the emerald drake.

    No one wants to take responsible for nothing. You can't screw up on an amber if there are 2 other people also riding an amber. You have 2 backups.

    Blizzard can dumb down tanking and healing even more, they will never get more people to tank or heal. Tanking isn't hard. Being a babysitter for up to 4 other people is.


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