Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Children's Week, or "High on the Hog . . . or Turtle . . . or Rat"

Alliance Guide

A yearly event, Children's Week only lasts -- you guessed it -- a week.

Getting Around to Major Cities

I went over this on the Lunar Festival post, but let's do it again.

First way is to buy [Rune of Portals]x4 from a Reagent Vendor and ask a 40+ mage to make you a deal on portals to cities. Get the flight paths.

Darnassus to Ironforge: Take the boat from Darnassus to Auberdine, then from Auberdine to Menethil Harbor. Take the road from Menethil Harbor south through the Wetlands (levels 19 or lower will probably aggro beasts, but I got a level 12 through and only died 3 times the whole trip), and south through the pass to Dun Morogh. While you're in that area, go ahead and get the Loch Modan flight path in Thelsamar, because you need it for a Children's Week quest.
Ironforge to Darnassus: Do that backwards.

Ironforge to Stormwind: Take the Deeprun Tram in Tinker Town.
Stormwind to Ironforge: Take the Deeprun Tram in the Dwarven District.

The 5 Alliance Quest Places

Each quest gives you 650 experience, 75 reputation with Alliance

First, go to Stormwind Cathedral District and find the chick I've circled, right in front of the orphanage. She'll give you a whistle that summons your orphan, who will give you the quests you need to perform. So you don't have to return to this woman until all the quests for the kid are done.
Westfall Lighthouse: (30,86) South-southwest of Westfall, an island in the ocean.

Bank in Darnassus

Loch Modan Dam: Northern part of Loch Modan. Low level area. Go to the very center of the dam.

Jaina Proudmoore: (66,48) Top of the center tower on Theramore Isle. Take boat from Menethil Harbor to get to the isle.

Ice Cream Vendor: (53,65) Near the Stormwind mailbox by the bank.

Go back to Stormwind's Cathedral District and claim one of four rewards. ^_^


[Piglet's Collar] Summons Mr. Wiggles the pig.

[Turtle Box] Summons Speedy the turtle.

[Rat Cage] Summons Whiskers the rat.

[Curmudgeon's Payoff] Receive 5 gold.

Speedy and I

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