Sunday, April 25, 2010

White Polar Bear, or "Still Proving You Can Solo The Mount Grind"

This makes 91. I've been able to follow my own 100 mount solo guide, and I expect to be done before Cataclysm.

When I got this, I entered the living room where husband and his best friend were watching movies. Husband is still farming this mount. I wrung my hands and said, "Now, don't cry . . . but I just got the White Polar Bear on my fourth try."

Husband's best friend rolled his eyes and said, "Of course."

Husband glanced up. "So you Beth'd it."


"That's awesome. I do hate you a little, though."

Then he high-fived me, smiled, and I giggled and puttered back to my computer.

"Beth"-ing something is getting an item ridiculously easily. Phoenix in 3 tries, Deathcharger in 59, White Polar Bear in 4.

Please take a moment to just sit and hate me.

Done? K. You should also be aware that WarcraftMounts has put up a new site design and it's incredibly awesome. I especially love the changes to collections, which used to be mount icons but now has the actual mounts shown, and had a previously clunky user interface that they've fixed. In the main browsing sections, the images of mounts are smaller for faster loading, the navigation is more streamlined, and the new layout looks fresh and inviting.

And while I'm on general mount news, you should have heard by now that Cataclysm will let you train 310% flight speed instead of it being limited to only a few mounts. If there's a pretty flier you don't use because another is faster, this is good news because they'll scale up.


  1. You might want to your mount guide the Celestial Steed because you can easily solo that one if you have the RL dough for it.

    Thanks for the guide, I have been working on my 100 mounts but wondering if there was more that I could be doing to speed things up a bit, now I have some direction.

  2. I count the Steed with the TCG mounts as something people can do as a "bonus" mount if they decide they want it. It should be a side effect that it helps with your count, imo.

  3. You make me blush. :> Seriously, I'd been embarrassed by the clunky UI of Warcraft Mounts for a long time. It's nowhere near perfect now, but at least it has fewer really awful bits.

    Also, I am terribly jealous of your White Polar Bear! And your Deathcharger. And your Phoenix. ... I wish I had that kind of luck.

  4. Aaah, so that's what it's called. Kinda like how I know someone with a fishing skill of 2 and they have the turtle from the Northrend pools.


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