Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Horde Version, or "Children's Week 2nd Round"

This event ends after today, Tuesday 29, and will not repeat until next year.

Start in Orgrimmar's Valley of Honor. The orphan matron will be to your upper left upon entering, with a yellow quest mark above her head.

Use the whistle to call your orphan and accept the first three quests. You may do Undercity or Barrens first, it doesn't matter. Undercity first may actually be faster, though, because you don't have to run back to Orgrimmar for the zeppelin and then run to Thunder Bluff if you don't have the TB flightpath.

Take the zeppelin (leave Org and go straight east until you see the zeppelin tower -- talk to the zeppelin masters on top to find the Undercity one, the other is Grom'gol in Stranglethorn Vale) to Undercity. At the UC zeppelin tower, go south into Undercity and keep going inside until you hit the throne room, which is in the center of the upper level. Talk to your orphan to complete quest.

Return to Org via zeppelin.

Take the orphan to the Barrens (Crossroads - make sure you have flight path). You can do these in either order:

Take the orphan on the road straight north of Crossroads until you reach the pass in the mountains. That's your first quest spot.

Take the orphan on the road straight east of Crossroads until you hit Ratchet, then go onto the docks. (Get the flightpath in Ratchet.) That's your second quest spot.

Once those three are done, you'll get another two. You must first go to Thunder Bluff (if you don't have the flightpath, follow the road south of Crossroads until you hit Camp Tarajo (flightpath here), then go west for a very long time, until the grass is green and herds of kodos pass you by, and you should hit Thunder Bluff eventually. It's hard to miss.

Inside Thunder Bluff, go to the center stair tower and go to the third level. In the building in the back, you will find Cairn Bloodhoof. Get the flightpath by going back to the center stair tower and following it up all the way to the top.

Return to Orgrimmar and buy ice cream by the guy near the bank (you can see the mailbox behind me). You CAN buy the ice cream ahead of time. I bought it before leaving for the first set of quests.

All quests should be finished. Return the child to the orphan matron, and she'll offer you:
  • [Piglet's Collar] Summons Mr. Wiggles the pig.
  • [Turtle Box] Summons Speedy the turtle.
  • [Rat Cage] Summons Whiskers the rat.
  • [Curmudgeon's Payoff] Receive 5 gold.
Choose one.

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