Monday, April 19, 2010

LOL, or "Buy My Guild"

I showed husband the 30 or so mails from Birdfall to my bank alt for materials to disenchant before Cataclysm. I have 3 full guild bank tabs on my bank alt and don't want to spend 1,000g for a fourth just in case they give us account-wide banks in the xpack.

So I started running an alt to Stormwind to use alt banks, since I have some free alt slots on my server.

When I get in there, I see in Trade "Selling guild, 10g."

I whisper "Any bank tabs?"


I mentally rub my hands together and offer to buy.

"Someone just offered me 20g."

I think "Bidding war? Ah well, I can spend up to 200g and still be getting off cheap." I offer 25g.


I blink, grin, and meet the seller in the Stormwind bank.

I give him the 25g (I'm playing it on faith that he'll give me the guild) and he ginvites me. I give him the code to make me guild leader (/gleader YourName), and he does and says I can kick the extra folks, they just signed the charter.

I bow and thank him, glance in the guild bank, and tell him to go ahead and take anything he wants out of the bank (there's a lot of low level junk in it) to keep or sell.

He asks "Can I stay in the guild? I just can't run one."

I say "Sure, but I'll need to take away your bank access. I'm going to use it for storage."

He says "Okay, but can I keep my item access? I won't take anything out."

I facepalm irl. "I'm sorry, I can't. I'm using it for storage." I then repeat my offer to let him take all the old stuff out and that I'll clean out anything left over later.

I'll log in tomorrow to see if he's offline and then fix everything the way I want it. I don't mind him staying in the guild (I know what it's like to not want to get pestered with guild invites), but I'll kick him if he tries to squabble about what I'm doing with the guild he sold me.

As it is, I won't be on that alt much and I don't care if he wants to stay just to have the tag.

I just thought the "Can I still access items?" comment was worth a post. *snort*

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  1. Lol! My first guild was given to me but it had no tabs, the second I bought for 3k but it had six tabs and was soo worth it. Sadly it is getting full so I may have to look into other options or stop collecting so much junk.


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